Pete Davidson Attempted Suicide By Pool

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elliot-wolf - August 30, 2018

Pete Davidson has a problem with succeeding in most things he involves himself in, from comedy to killing himself, he just fails miserably at it all. He claims that he’s battling mental illness. He opened up about a time where he tried to drown himself in a pool as a child. Almost believable, because the level of stupidity coming from an average comment from him sounds like a direct result of lost brain cells from oxygen deprivation. But I believe that he’s not a lunatic, it’s just his failure to adapt to the upper echelon of celebrity that’s driving him insane. Entering a relationship with Ariana Grande has most likely forced him to choose “fitting in” as the hill he dies on if he want’s to continue to nibble on her nips at his leisure.

Pete Davidson is continuing to open up about his battle with mental illness.

In a new interview with Variety, the Saturday Night Live star said he once tried to drown himself in a pool as a kid.

“I’ve been in and out of mental health facilities since I was 9,” he said in the publication’s annual Power of Young Hollywood issue, published Tuesday. “I tried to drown myself in the pool when I was in the fourth or fifth grade. I was trying to get my head stuck in the ladder in the deep end, so I would not be able to get up.”

In 2017, Davidson revealed that he was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder after years of battling depression and anxiety. He explained that the symptoms of the disorder led him to check into a rehabilitation program in December 2016, initially thinking that the mental breakdowns he was experiencing were due to heavy marijuana use.

I don’t wish death on anyone. If I had come across Pete attempting to kill himself in a body of water now, I’d throw him a pool noodle. Even after realizing that means more untamed statements from someone who shouldn’t be considered a celebrity, but is. The vagina that he’s most familiar with at the moment will always be more famous than him. And that fact alone can drive any man into mental illness.

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