Penis-Shaped Lipsticks Are A Thing

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michael-garcia - May 26, 2016

I don't pretend to understand the subtle intricacies of lipstick and makeup. I wore some theatrical makeup back in my theater days in college but I was never that good at it. I do know that I am a sucker for a woman with red red lipstick on. I don't know what it is but I find it sexy. I even like watching women put it on. It's sensual. But this lipstick from makeup company Mushroom takes the phallic nature of lipstick to the next level. They make a line of lipsticks that look like wieners. Like, realistically like wieners. With veins and everything. They are surprisingly popular. I don't really understand why. If I was a woman and took out a lipstick that looks like a dong to reapply my makeup, I'd feel a little self conscious. Maybe I'm just a prude. I don't think so, but maybe. 

I guess if that's your thing. Sooner or later though, after repeated use, it will lose its shape and just look like a lumpy stump. Isn't that poetic for what happens in life? 

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