Paris Hilton Perpetual Blonde Party Mode

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bill-swift - October 12, 2017

There is nobody who revels in the high life more than Billionaire Barbie. Say what you will about blonde heiresses with perfume empires, Paris Hilton has a good time everywhere she goes, and everywhere she parties, which is also everywhere she goes.

The slender fair haired princess has been posting selfies of her various runs of fun around the world, ever showing off her exhibitionist style with a flare for likely spending a ton of money on her wardrobe. But she knows what you like, she knows what she likes, and manages to combine them into a visual package that is more than sellable, it's downright ogle worthy.

Paris isn't a kid anymore. She's been at this game of show and not really tell for any number of years now. Yet to pull back, and why would she when she's still drawing eyeballs by the millions to her spectacular feats of fanciful living. This is a compliment I don't give to many sextastic celebrities, Paris. You actually look super happy. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Facebook, Instagram