Paris Hilton Not a Feminist Per Se

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Lex Jurgen - February 24, 2017

To Paris Hilton's credit, she specifically avoids referring to herself as a feminist, which is the reflex of every single other famous women despite zero credentials. Hilton stops at being happy to be a generic role model for girls:

'I am all about girl power. I love being an inspiration to girls who want to be independent women and build their own brand and business and showing them that if you work hard and focus, dreams can come true.' 

Perfect bland response. Not to mention Hilton has created a small business empire including nineteen fragrance lines that are literally the smell of the Middle East. You might think bean pies or tabouli. But it's Heiress by Paris Hilton with a slight hint of C4 and lack of indoor plumbing.

Hilton's perfumes alone have exceeded two billion in gross sales. What have you accomplished stretch pants clad 20-something Buzzfeed blogging feminist and where do you DJ for a hundred-fifty grand an evening? Blond ditz still sells better than ranting Dunham. That's more than somewhat comforting.

Photo Credit: VIJAT MOHINDRA for Plastik Magazine

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