Paris Hilton Gets Kinky Kinkos

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bill-swift - November 29, 2006

So, here's somewhere I never thought I'd see: Paris Hilton... at a Kinkos print and copy shop.

Who knew Paris Hilton was into desktop publishing? I wonder what it is she's doing at a print shop. After all, you'd think she'd have one of her Herpes-infected minions doing this kind of shit for her.

Maybe she's secretly into the counter-culture world of Zine publishing. Or she has a research paper about the socio-political ramifications of third world health care funding. Or maybe she's just printing up pictures of Britney Spears' pussy that she found on Egotastic!

Yeah, that's probably it. Paris Hilton using Windows 2000. Who knew?

More pictures of Paris Hilton at Kinkos after the jump.

Photo credit: Flynet