Paris Hilton is Going Back to Jail!!!!!!!!

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bill-swift - June 9, 2007

Oh happy day! Paris Hilton is going back to jail! I've been having a really crappy day, but suddenly I feel much better. Paris left the court room screaming and crying, and as you can see in the pictures below, she cried all the way back to her house in the Hollywood Hills. TMZ is reporting that Paris has been ordered to serve out the remainder of her sentence, but will receive credit for time served. Not time served at home, though.

Hilton left the courtroom in tears, screaming, "Mom, Mom, Mom." Hilton was also heard saying "It's not right."

One witness said that Paris was "physically escorted" out of the courtroom by a female deputy.

Hilton's mother was later seen pacing the hallways, telling reporters, "I'm paralyzed right now." Paris' father Rick is still in the courtroom.

Paris will be appealing the judgement, but I doubt she'll get anywhere with it. Then again, you never know. All in all, though, I think the weekend is going to be pretty good after all...

Photo credit: INF Photo / Splash