Paris Hilton = Herpes

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bill-swift - March 10, 2006

So you probably heard that Paris Hilton had a restraining order against her, but did you know why? Well, E! Online reports that the guy who got the restraining order, a party planner named Brian Quintana, feels that Paris Hilton is out to get him because he told her boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos that she has Herpes. Yes, that's right. Paris Hilton has herpes.

Quintana testified last month that his relationship with Hilton turned nasty after she overheard him informing her beau, Stavros Niarchos, that she might have a sexually transmitted disease.

"I wanted him to be aware of it--that she had herpes. To make sure he didn't catch anything. He informed me that he was [aware]," Quintana said.

He said Hilton interrupted his conversation with Niarchos and became "furious."

"She said, 'This is between the three of us; if this gets out you're a f---ing dead man,'" Quintana said. He claimed that after the exchange, he began receiving suspicious phone calls and started to believe his life was in "imminent danger."

Quintana further alleged Hilton "has a drug and alcohol problem, some rather shady associates and is known for erratic behavior."

Of course, none of this comes as any surprise. Paris Hilton and herpes go together like peanut butter and jelly. Actually, Paris Hilton's herpes probably looks like peanut butter and jelly too.


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