Paola Ferrari Is Red Hot In Cleavetastic Candids

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aldo-vallon - August 23, 2018

It must be difficult to have the last name Ferrari and also be Italian. She must be constantly bombarded with questions about being related to the Ferrari, or if she can get them a deal on a car. Hilarious.

Being in that situation, I do not think I could maintain a kind persona. My first name is Aldo, so occasionally people ask if I can get them free shoes. Fortunately, I do not meet many new people, but the few that I do meet it have me weighing the pros and cons of undergoing a murder trial.

Aldo isn’t even a surname. Why would there be any assumed relation between two people with the same first name? Do they also think that every John on Earth is related?

It must be a nightmare being a Ferrari, but at least it is for a product that people tend to respect. Had her last name been Fiat I think her experience would be way worse. She’d constantly be asked how much storage space she has, or if she can handle rough terrain. Completely inappropriate behavior, might I say. We all know the answers already.


Photo Credit: MEGA