Pamela Anderson Short Skirt at the Paris Manga and Sci Fi Show

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aldo-vallon - February 6, 2018

  Maybe I just have Margot Robbie on the brain, but I see a strong resemblance between the two in these pictures. I find this odd because I have never before thought they looked alike before now. I am about to strap on my tinfoil hat and explain my newest conspiracy theory, so bear with me.

I think Pamela Anderson is slowly changing the way she looks so that she more closely resembles Margot, with the ultimate goal of taking her life. Hopefully Margot does not go on any secluded mountain climbing weekends with Pamela, or scuba diving trips in shark infested waters because she might not make it make.

Pamela is just a couple of surgeries away from becoming the perfect doppelganger and reclaiming her rightful spot on the throne as the sex symbol of a generation. Although maybe I am being too cynical and not giving Pamela enough credit. Maybe she is doing this for altruistic reasons. She could be doing this for Margot’s safety, becoming a human target for any attacks focused on her.  I know it sounds crazy, but that’s only because it is. It is so crazy that it just might be true.


Photo Credit: Splash News