Paint Your Own Pizza: Master-Pizzas that Look as Good as They Taste

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bill-swift - March 2, 2013

We should have pizza declared as our National Food. Think about it. It's basically a meal in a box: there's a whole pan of carbs, some choice veggies, a bit of dairy, and of course, a generous helping of protein. It's also one of the most flexible foods there is, meaning you can customize it however way you want to and end up with an edible masterpiece.

Making your own pizza is a tedious thing, though. For one, you have to pound the dough to a pulp when you'd rather be pounding something (or someone) else. You have to mix up sauces and cut up the meat and slice a whole bunch of ingredients that the idea of customizing your own pizza dies somewhere in the middle of all that work.

And then came

With this interactive site, you can now have your customized pizza--and eat it too, without the muss or fuss of having to make it yourself. It's pretty straightforward, really. Just log on to the site, choose to draw a pizza with other people who happen to be online or have a go at creating your own pizza solo if you prefer. Eighteen-inch pies start somewhere around $30 bucks. A similar-sized regular pizza from Pizza Hut costs about $13, so you do the math and see if it's worth it to order a custom pie.

Check out the gallery for our favorite master-pizzas of the bunch that are masterpieces to behold (and to eat!)

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