Paige Spiranac Is The Future of Women’s Golf

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Lex Jurgen - April 14, 2017


Women's pro sports will never be financially viable because women don't watch sports and men don't watch women play sports. It's a combination of female athletes being comparable second rate and demanding that men pretend the opposite. Serena Williams dreams of a world where she's not called one of the greatest female athletes of all time, but one of the greatest athletes of all time period. Why would she dream of a world where people lie to one another in order to engineer some kind of forced equality?

Paige Spiranac receives a ton of media attention in the sport of golf because she's young and blonde and hot and can golf to some non-embarrassing level. She recently got more words in a Golf magazine feature spread than Arnold Palmer ever did simply so they could run a gallery of her sexy pictures. Who would do such a thing? See below.

Spiranac's begun to receive invitations to play in international women's golf events for which she's not competitively qualified because event organizers need the attention she brings. There's a remarkable uptick in media coverage and public interest when Spiranac flies in to play a couple passable rounds and not qualify. Her entire junior career up through her college scholarships and sponsorship and equipment deals she's been hated by other female players for precisely this superficial advantage. She struggles with the moral quandary of accepting benefits in the sport simply for her looks. Then she stops struggling and accepts the benefits. Moral quandaries are for people who don't like tons of nice free shit.

Spiranac's up to one million followers on Instagram, which she plays to with teasing photos of her fake tits in tight golf apparel. Moments later she accepts interviews on cyberbullying and the impact of being treated like a sex object on social media. She may be so-so at golf. She's superb at playing the role of victimized feminist slash successful social media tittyfuck bait.

Guys took undue interest in Anna Kournikova in tennis and Danica Patrick in auto racing. They'll jump right into Paige Spiranac on the links if she wears low cut tops and can avoid the lesbian golfer rape in the showers. It's a conundrum for the sport. Tease the cheesecake to make a little cash or stick with the purity of the game nobody gives a shit about. What Would Nancy Lopez Do?


Photo Credit: @_paige.renee / Instagram