Khloe Kardashian Slips Into Something a Little Super Tight and Uncomfortable for Booty Exhibition in Beverly Hills

It was time to go meet mom’s new boyfriend, an event certain to get, oh, about ten thousand cameras out. Thus, Khloe Kardashian and her rather notorious behind squeezed into a dress that I’d not recommend for those looking to breathe regularly. Nevertheless, some credit is due for the attempt. And even maneuvering in and out of a vehicle.

We posted Khloe earlier this week as well at the request of a reader. I’m not sure where this is headed. Khloe certainly seems to be insisting upon attention for her various curvy parts much like her sisters. Everybody has their favorite and least favorite Kardashian. Or, for many, they all fall into the latter category. Suffice it to say, they know how to get attention. Khloe’s bubble butt in that skin tight dress is going to get noticed. We did. Enjoy.

Padma Lakshmi Sports Bra Can’t Contain Her Nipples Or My Excitement

Now you know I am in faptastic lust with Indian cooking hottie Padma Lakshmi and her veteran MILFtastic female form. We rarely get to see Padam unmade up for television or some fancy event, so I counted my lucky stars when Padma went to hit the gym in her sports bra and stretch pants on the streets of Manhattan. Oh, even Padma’s headlights were blinking strongly at the thought of being snapped in the daylight by the surrounding paparazzi.

Padma doesn’t seem to be aging in the least, just getting more alluring with each passing day. I would so love if she would engage in some hot mom racy photoshoots, but perhaps her modesty leaves us with just these wonderful bits of visual wonderments. A hot mom with nipple poking sports bra, a sweet tummy, and some stretch pants covered legs headed for some sweaty workout. Yep, that’s enough for me. Enjoy.

Caitlin O’Connor Topless But For HandBra Pimping the Bottled Water Juice

Caitlin O'Connor Covered Topless Shoot in Malibu
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Oh, to be the lucky hand of Caitlin O’Connor, covering ever so not modestly her perfect set of funbags whilst pimping the bottled water on the beach in Malibu. I might be tempted to call for a curtain and a ten minute coffee break just to perfect my actually cup and hold of my tender nuggets. But that’s me. I’m immodest. If I had boobs they’d find me soaked to death after 96 straight hours in the tub.

The 138 bottled water maniacs continue to bemuse me. I’m quite certain I’ve never seen a bottle of their water sold anywhere in stores. At least not the stores I frequent, which are albeit rather on the discount mart side. Still, if they’re going to keep hiring models and getting them half-nekkid on the beach for fun time photoshoots, who am I too argue. The makers of ricin poison could launch similarly sextastic photoshoots and I’d get behind them in support. Enjoy.

Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Conan O’Brien Sucks Spectacularly at ‘Call of Duty- Advanced Warfare’ (VIDEO)

Whacked- Conan O'Brien Advanced Warfare
Minor campaign spoilers and a LOT of dumbassery.

Conan O’Brien has, as today’s young people call it, ‘1337 skills.’ They’d probably spell skills with a Z, like the untamed renegade badasses they are, but balls to that. When a gamer guru like Conan is on the case, there’s no time to be pernickety about spelling.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare hit stores this week, instantly becoming one of the biggest releases of recent months. Y’know, just by having ‘Call of Duty’ on the front of the box there. But is it the revolutionary entry the hype train promised? Does the franchise still have what it takes? There was only one man to ask.

Alas, that man (the one who would’ve known what the effing hell he was talking about) was off that day. But fear not, our ol’ buddy Conan’s here with another episode of Clueless Gamer.

This guy will not and cannot be stopped. Watch in awe as he defeats two –count ‘em– useless grunts singlehanded, only wasting about five clips by shooting holy hell out of the sky, surrounding trees and a hapless milk carton in the process. Think on, evildoers, Conan’s coming for you. And once he’s determined whether those ominous laser sights in the distance are bad guys’ guns or innocent office dudes mid-Powerpoint presentation, he’s going to whup your ass.

The highlight of this episode? Get across the street!

Via Kotaku.

Jenya D Nekkid Hot in Playboy, Because You Asked So Politely

Jenya D Nekkid Hotness Photoshoot for Playboy
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Your wish is my command. You know, provided your wish involves wicked hot brunettes taking off all their clothes and revealing their heavenly lady goodness. Not so much to pick up your dry cleaning. Jenya D sure has taken off since we first posted her in that legit American Apparel advertisement. Now we also know her as Katie Fey and Eugenia Diordiychuk, darling hottie from the East who has among other things, routinely graced the virtual pages of Playboy. And, who how she’s graced them.

Jenya, which I’m going to keep calling her because it is wonderfully shorter than her parents given name, is just one alluring beauty. I can see why so many of you recognized her unique sextastic rather suddenly. For those of you who don’t know her, you can get up closer and all personal like with a 7-Day Free Trial Membership to Playboy.TV, the finest bit of girl on screen and girl on girl on screen on the Interweb. She really is a looker, and that body, oh, how I would shank any of you in the shower for a brief conjugal with Jenya. Enjoy.

Kendall Jenner Lady Girl in Red Photoshoot on the Streets of Manhattan

Lady in Red. Sort of grown up and professional model Kendall Jenner, err, Kendall, is now spotted on the streets of New York in the pro forma pant suit for the professional lady modeling shoots. All of just turned 19, Kendall is now working full time at her life’s aspiration, to be on camera as a hot walking mannequin, which for the record, I’d trade my job in to take in a second. I do like having my evenings free and the thought of free sample haute couture would be too much for me to resist.

There’s no doubt Kendall has the basic modeling chops. She’s young, she’s slender, she’s tall, she’s pretty, and she has yet to artificially enhance her curves like her sisters. She’s also famous and has eight billion followers on social media, one billion of which are real and not bots hosted in Guyana. She may be a bit inexperienced at this yet, but she seems like a natural. Lady in red, you’re only beginning to strut your stuff.

Patricia Jordane’s Racy Half-Nekkid Photoshoot In Paris

The incredibly hot Patricia Jordane had a rollicking partially nude time in Paris. She wears different outfits that showed off her considerable assets. Namely her large and quite spectacular funbags. They are immense in the best way possible. All of the ensembles are super hot, especially the black unitard with all the wholes cut in the side. But it gets better when she just goes ahead and takes all of that stuff off and is just partially or completely nekkid. It’s covered topless paradise. Patricia also has quite an amazing booty. It’s round and smooth and makes you just want to reach out and smack it. But you can’t because it’s just a picture and if you did you would get arrested.

They let you do this kind of thing in Paris. When I was there a couple of years ago I saw plenty of boobies out and about. They are more progressive than us about those kinds of things.