Hailey Clauson Is Lingerie Busty and Stylized for Agent Provocateur

There's nothing wrong with teen model Hailey Clauson getting into some hyper-stylized looks and little bits of lingerie for Agent Provocateur. Nothing wrong at all. The L.A. native model is moving on and moving up for the Euro lingerie line, showing off her wares cleavy tops and lacy bottoms in some retro kitschy throw back kitchen with a ton of set decoration that really you need not notice if your peeps are focused squarely on Hailey's mighty fine female form.

I guess you do need a little bit of artistic flare to sell panties and bras to women. For me, you just need the sextastic tall model with the perfect body wearing tiny bits of lace and a 'buy me' sign. I'm a very eager shopper. Enjoy.

Alexis Bellino Makes A Big Bikini Splash In Laguna Beach

Real Housewives Of Orange County star Alexis Bellino took time out of fighting and wine throwing to look super hot on the beach. Alexis looked sexy as F in a purple bikini that barely supported her firm funbags. The girls are seriously busting out of every seam. There is quite a bit of sideboob action on the sides and you think, "Man, that is some killer boobage," but then you look at the front. It's like the cleavage fairy came in the night and brought you all the cleav your eyeballs can stand to look at. I don't know about you, but a killer boob valley like this stops me dead. I can barely think straight when I see a plunging neckline. Basically, I turn into a drooling moron, (even more than I normally am). The bikini's bottom also shows off Alexis' tight booty. It's got just the right amount of curve to tone ratio. That's a mathematical formula I invented that calculates the width x height/crack - ass jiggle =perfect butt.

I've only seen the RHOC a couple of times but I remember thinking that Alexis was by far the hottest housewife. I should really start watching it again if she's going to be wearing stuff like this.

Nicole Scherzinger Gets Raunchy For Her New Music Video

The lovely Nicole Scherzinger was having a wet and wild time shooting her new music video in Malibu. She wore a couple of different outfits, each more revealing than the last one. One of them was basically just a lacy bustier set, you know, the kind your girlfriend only wears on your birthday. She covered this with a see through nighty that will give me some sweet dreams tonight. The second outfit is so short that you can see her panties. Because she is rolling around in the surf, the panties are wet and you can almost see through them to her lady bits. The rest of the time she's just hanging out in a towel, presumably because she's naked in some shots. I don't know what song this video is for nor do I really care, it's my new favorite video. I've had a major love for Nicole in my bathing suit area since she was with the Pussycat Dolls. Who can forget their choreographed burlesque dances in their underwear? I can't.

I've always wanted to direct music videos myself but the only offers I ever get are for goofy looking rappers and hipster bands. How do I get the hot girl sex video directing gigs?

Kat Graham In Spandex Is My Workout Routine

Each morning, both Kat Graham and I get up with the intention of hard working our bodies into total physical perfection. Kat proceeds to slap on some Spandex and tiny shorts and go make it happen. I have A.D.D. with a rather serious related case of the Super Lazies rendering me incapable of being as committed to the hard work as Kat. It's okay, I don't want your pity.

Let's just be glad we got the chance to witness Vampire Diaries' star Kat Graham working hard for her fine female form, a little stretching, a little running, a lot of preening in a sports bra and show-off shorts. And why not show off when you've got a body like Kat's. Show off even more I say. In fact, Kat, if you get totally nekkid, I'll come out to the park and run half a lap or so. I too can be committed with the right carrot. Enjoy.

Eiza Gonzalez Is Pretty Damn Alluring in Her Little Open Dress

Yes, you have to put on the fake smile and seem like you really want to be hanging with Mario Lopez when you visit Extra to pimp your project, but there's nothing fake about how alluring and hot Eiza Gonzalez looked in her loose and open top dress when she hit the show to promote From Dusk Till Dawn. Her legs on display were a lovely complement to her cleavage reveal, the entire visual package made it almost worth watching the show Extra.

I didn't know too much about Eiza Gonzalez before she stole Miley's fiancee for a few weeks of intense shtupping. Can't say I blame him given how much I'd give up for the same opportunity. She really is quite the fetching young Latina lady. Somedays I guess it's good to be Mario Lopez. But not that many. Enjoy.

Asa Stensson Swedish, Topless, and Dramatic in Black and White for Wolf Magazine


I guess I'm one of those small number of people who dig hot blonde Swedish models. I know, we are few in number, but our feelings are earnest toward the fair haired perfectly boobtastic Nordic angels. Girls like Asa Stensson featured dramatically in black and white in this new pictorial in Wolf magazine, the periodical that takes sextastic women and gets them to take their clothes off in settings more dramatic than my living room-kitchen combo room.

Asa Stensson reminds me that all hot women taking their clothes off is a big deal, no matter how many times I view daily. Also, it's best not to get too cheeky with Swedish girls taking their wolves for a walk. You have to pick your moments if you want to keep your bobos intact. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Wolf Magazine

Bar Paly Crazy Yachting Lifestyle Hot in Blazer Magazine

Why not throw another wicked hot Bar into the mix. The Israeli girls are just winning the day, so let's peek at Bar Paly, another one of the chosen hot supermodels from the Holy Land appearing in various stages of swimsuit and bikini hotness in Blazer magazine. Bar Paly doesn't get quite the recognition of Bar Refaeli, but she's quite the same circle of hotness as her similarly named professional peer. I'd hate to have to look both of them in the face and tell them I could choose only one. First off, I might not even be looking in their faces.

Featured in this memorable magazine pictorial, Bar shows why she deserves much praise as one super fine female form in international model circles. She wears it well. She'd not wear it well even better. Someday, I would like to wake up to find her nekkid sunbathing on the forecastle of my yacht. But, first, I need to figure out how to pay my phone bill. Enjoy.