Beyonce Sizzles at the On The Run Concert in New Jersey

Eliza Sys Topless Beach Photoshoot For Your Sextastic Siren on Rocky Shores Needs

Eliza Sys Topless Beach Photoshoot by Aaron Feaver
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Yeah, I’d crash my vessel into the rocky shores if I saw Belgian model Eliza Sys laying their topless on the coast line. What better way to perish in a blaze of glory than navigating your craft toward her sextastic goodness. I think that’s a metaphor for my entire approach to women in my life as it is. A helpless sailor run adrift by the siren call of some amazing funbags.

In this Aaron Feavor shot pictorial, you can see that the entire extent of what is needed for a killer photoshoot is a killer hot and willing model, a camera, and Mother Nature’s own bounty of dramatic backdrops. Eliza and her fine female form do the rest of the work. You can have your tropical sandy beaches, this rocky shore bespeaks of the good kind of danger to me. The kind of trouble you get into with Belgian models and never regret. Enjoy.

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Daphne Joy Models Her Cleavetastic for Shoppers Delight

Thanks to our friend Garry from for this chesty peek at model Daphne Joy, the baby mama to 50 Cent, if you happen to follow those kinds of things. But if you don’t, you can now know her as the exotic looking chesty model showing off her cleavetastic delights to pimp some online shopping program because people need to buy more things.

Daphne Joy put the joy joy joy deep into various bodily organs as she showed up in a low cut dress, a killer smile, and not much else to make a memorable introduction here on Egotastic! Daphne, we do so love the alluring ladies with large funbags around here. Maybe don’t bring your baby daddy around and you can hang out for as long as you like. I’ve even put out something for you to wear should you stay the night. It’s very lightweight, almost like it’s not even there. I can’t wait to see it on that ridiculously hot body of yours. I pray 50 doesn’t kill me before the dawn. Enjoy.

Farrah Abraham In Lingerie at Her Sex Toy Party

Reality star and “backdoor mom” Farrah Abraham wore a black bustier to her sex toy launch party. The lingerie had cutouts allowing you a view of her enormous ta-tas. There is some sideboob, underboob, as well as lots of cleavage. When you are packing a pair of funbags like Farrah, there is plenty to show off. Farrah was also sporting a g-string which was in full view through the sheer top of her see-through teddy. Say what you want about Farrah, she’s got a pretty spectacular booty. In addition, she had on one of my favorite bits of sexy underwear, a garter belt and stockings. It’s unbelievable to me that every woman used to wear those back in the day. How did our grandfathers defeat the Nazis with all of those hot chicks in garter belts and stockings walking around?

The sex toys she was promoting are rubber molds of her girly bits that one can make sweet sweet love to. I hear they are dishwasher safe.

Emmy Rossum And Her Booty Went For A Jog

Actress and hot person Emmy Rossum went for a run on the set of Shameless in a pair of short shorts. They are the kind of shorts that were popular in the 70′s when all anyone did was jog and bone. Emmy has a pretty spectacular booty. It’s got just the right combination of curve and slim. Emmy also showed off her toned, flat bare midriff. Who needs that extra torso fabric when you are trying to exercise? Not Emmy. Her top is just a sports bra allowing us just a peek at her dynamite cleavage. I’m going to program my DVR to record this Shameless show so I can see more of Emmy in a sports bra.

I do so love jogging. Not doing it myself, of course, but watching women do it. Sometimes when I am walking in the park here in New York I just stand back and admire all of the bouncing boobies jogging their way around the track.

Dani Manga Naked Because Brazil Needs a Hot Conclusion And It’s My Birthday (So, More Free Playboy.TV for You!)

Dani Manga Nekkid and Hot for Playboy Brazil
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The World Cup might be over, but the party is just beginning at my place. I’ve invited all the crying hot girl fans of all the teams that last back to my place for crudite and a game of nude Twister. When my right hand goes to green, look for somebody to call the police. I hate when that happens.

Dani Manga is one super ridiculously fine specimen of Brazilian hot mama kind. So I’m pleased to present her backside, her frontside, and all the goodness in between from the pages of Playboy Brazil. Oh, that booty has me already planning for 2016 in Rio when the Olympic sport of ogling hot bodies on the beach in Rio will once again be in vogue.

Playboy.TV Free For One Week to Celebrate My Birthday, I Know, I Rock!

Well, today is my birthday, and while I know you forgot, I did not forget you, asking our friends at Playboy.TV to extend their 7-day free trial offer for my special day to make it your special day. Why not peruse and amuse yourself with girls like Dani Manga and equally hot playing around on Playboy.TV. I guarantee it’s better than getting socks from Aunt Martha as I’m about to when I open my mailbox today. Love you, Aunt Martha, but please, send porn! Enjoy.

Emily Ratajkowski Brings Her Faptastic Funbags to Italy

Our little Emily Ratajkowski has gotten all grow’d up and into the stellar social circles of Europe’s film and art festivals and party scenes this summer. It’s hard to see her leave the nest, of course, but fly this wicked hot boobtastic bird must if she is ever to reach her true potential. This is the toughest role of the gentleman ogler, pushing his hottest objects d’ lust out to spread their own wings in places like Ischia, Italy where Emily’s simple little top and jean shorts made her the subject of very much photographic attention.

Someday, I’d like to Emily and I to get together and discuss the good old days of two year ago when she was a relative unknown and her dreams and my desires were first originated. Ideally, we could do this while both completely nekkid, or just her if that enhances the romantic equation as it likely would. I always knew Emily’s future was bright, from the very moment I saw her first smiling knowing how amazingly hot she photographed in the buff. I’m glad to be right at least once in a while. Enjoy.