Sherlyn Chopra First Indian Hottie Nekkid in Playboy (Playboy.TV Free for One Week to Celebrate!)

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I come bearing gifts. Free gifts of hotness and more hotness. Starting off with the beautifully sultry Sherlyn Chopra, the Bollywood actress and model and first Indian sweetness to ever model her bare hot lady parts for Playboy magazine. I’ve been waiting for forever for these pictures to become available online, because you really must feast your peeps upon Sherlyn’s ridiculously hot body if you call yourself a gentleman ogler of the world.


To celebrate the release of these photos, our friends at Playboy.TV are offering our readers One Week Free of Playboy.TV. I can not stress enough how entertaining Playboy.TV truly is. It’s like the HBO of nekkidness, but instead of showing crappy 90’s movies in between the few shows you want to watch, Playboy.TV just puts in more crazy sextastic nekkid young woman for an endless run of watchability. I was going to say wankability, but, you know, that’s not family friendly. I beseech your Id to try out Playboy.TV for a week and see for yourself. Besides spending your life’s savings on Polynesian Bitcoins, have I ever steered you wrong? Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Loses Her Bikini Bottoms in a Hammock, Such Accidents Befall Her

Of all the bad luck, the world’s worst bikini knotter, BBW turned MILFtastic fitness instructor Jennifer Nicole Lee, lost her bikini bottoms again from a clearly random wardrobe malfunction while trying to do something in a hammock that is really hard to explain. I spoke with Jennifer just a couple weeks ago and she told me the copious amounts of baby oil on her taut, muscular body at any given time tends to create these unfortunate incidents. Of course, she failed to mention why she’s covered from head to toe in copious amounts of baby oil 24×7, not that I’m complaining. That is kind of the dream girl.

Someday, Jennifer’s inability to properly stow her lady parts inside her swimsuits will result in a messy public exposure warrant and probably Jennifer on the lam across country in a Mustang convertible. At least that’s how I imagine it going down as I ogle her bare, oily arse. Enjoy.

Catarina Sikiniotis Blue Bikini for Beauty Pageant Winning Happy Feelings in Greece

When you’re half-Greek and half Portuguese and you’re 19 and your name is Catarina, there’s a solid chance I’m going to be drooling over your body when you hit the beach in your bikini. If you happen also to be the reigning Miss Portugal like Catarina Sikiniotis, then I’m going to need several drool bucks. Damn. Wow. And some other words I wish I knew how to say in Greek so I could whisper them directly into Catarina’s ear whilst serving as her cabana boy on the beach.

Catarina reminds us that smoking hot sultry young celebrities are up and coming in every corner and crevice of the globe at any given moment. I’m sure Catarina is already quite well known among the men of Europe. Soon too I suspect among men around the world. That kind of sextastic can’t be contained to a mid-sized archipelago. It’s too explosive. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift Long Hot Legs of Summer Show Continues in New York

Taylor Swift is winning the long toned legs of summer award pretty much hands, err, feet down. While there are a number of sextastic celebrities showing off their sweet lithesome gams this season, nobody has consistently, daily, and in front of the cameras strutted as much these past several months as Taylor. And she’s working with some serious tools there as well.

Obviously, Taylor Swift is not the most overtly sensually exhibitionist among her peers. She’s actually rather demure. But she hasn’t worn a hemline below her mid thighs in the past two months, and speaking for myself, and, oh, a few million other leg lovers, bless you Taylor. The less I hear your music and the more I drool over your long Pilates toned legs, the more I come to dream of you. Enjoy.

Mariana Diarco Sultry Hot Nekkid for Sudamericana Naughty Dreamscapes

Mariana Diarco Sultry Topless Photoshoot
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Mariana Diarco came into our lives for one brief shining moment last year, then she was gone like so many women in my own personal existence. Gone, but never forgotten. Every woman that appears on this site remains tattooed forever more on the very lining of my libido, every curve, every funbag, every arse, every… some other things I won’t mention lest we corrupt the children.

Now, Mariana is back and all the memories and feelings come flooding back to the frontal lobe. And with these steamy arched asstastic topless photos of the Argentinean celebrity model, flood doesn’t even begin to describe it. I wish I could build a raft for the two of us to spend a year circumnavigating the world with nothing but some stored breadfruit and each other’s flesh to live off of . We’d arrive back at our launch point one year later exhausted, thirsty, but satiated. Also, we’d have between four and sixteen babies if my math is correct. Enjoy.

Carmen Electra Goes Cleavetastic for Expendables 3 Premiere

Carmen Electra could show up in a burqa fresh from a day in the hot sun planting potatoes and I’d find her beyond ravishing. But you give her a couple hours to doll up and put on some cleavage baring get up for a red carpet premiere and she takes it to a whole new level.

The 40-something Electra stole the show at the Expendables 3 premiere in Hollywood. The movie series might be getting a bit long in the tooth, but all I can think about with Carmen Electra and that veteran hot body of hers is nibbling off the belt and letting gravity take its course. Oh, the fun and giggles we would have after that private time wardrobe malfunction. Carmen Electra is pure living enticement. I am pure living lust. We really need to join forces in an arena of sweat. Enjoy.

Kim Kardashian Booty In A Super Tight Burgundy Dress in NYC

Hall of fame hottie Kim Kardashian showed off her legendary booty in an extremely tight burgundy dress in New York City. Is there a better derriere on planet Earth than Kim Kardashian’s caboose? If there is I’d like to see it. Kim has mastered the art of wearing tight clothes to better accentuate her amazing rack and booty. Not everyone can look this good sporting tight clothes, my friends. The dress also allowed us a peek at her stomach through a see-through window. But the thing that pops out in the front is, of course, those incredible boobies. Much like her booty it’s hard to find many funbags that can compete with Kim’s girls. The whole Kardashian clan was blessed by the good Lord with totally unbelievable yum yums, but only Kim has the magic combination of booty and boobs.

That Kanye West is a lucky man. I don’t see why he’s so angry all the time. If I had Kim’s booty to lay my face on at the end of the day I’d never be unhappy again.