Lindsay Lohan Deep Cleavage Provides the Boobtastic Oomph for Her Reality Show

Well, I think we've figured out Oprah's plan to get everybody to watch her Lindsay Lohan reality show. Lindsay funbags. Lindsay's ginger freckled puppies are on deep cleavage display in pretty much every episode aired to date. It seems like a pretty strong promotional angle to a show that otherwise depicts Lindsay in a clean and sober and perhaps less boring and more rigged state than the one who has held hold over the tabloids for the past decade.

Oprah's no dummy. She knows that a big part of what Lindsay brings to the table are Lindsay's big table setters, and even though the network and the show are heavily targeted toward a female audience, don't think she's not going to exploit the Lohan knockers like the rest of them. Oprah knows success. I hope Lindsay is paying close attention. Enjoy.

Egotastic! Proudly Continues Its Eight Year Long Ban on Celebrity Kid Photos

The collectively upright folks at #nokidspolicy have asked us and other media outlets to sign a pledge to refrain from posting paparazzi photos of celebrity kids. Since we've spent the last eight years specifically ensuring there are no celebrity kids in our photos, not to mention stupid men who ruin perfectly good photos of sexy women, we will happily sign.

Personally, it's always amazed me that the pearl clutchers spend so much time fretting about the sight of boobs online while themselves perusing through magazines cooing over how adorable other people's preschoolers look as captured by men hiding in bushes. To each their own. For our own, we sign the pledge and strongly encourage other media outlets to follow suit.

You will survive without seeing Suri head off to grade school. Really, you'll get through this. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Topless Again, This Time She’s Lady Godiva on a Horse


Miley Cyrus can no longer be labeled as a shy girl. Granted, she lost that label perhaps at age twelve, but now it's triply official. In this latest peek at the pop star she's riding quite topless and bare-arse nekkid on the back of a horse statue of some kind. Lucky horse statue of some kind. The photo comes from a set shot by Olivia Malone for Miley's Adore You Remix promotional art. I'd say this promotes the gravelly voiced singer alright. I'm not sure I want to buy her music, but I do want to buy that horse if nekkid Miley comes with.

Miley does keep herself quite lean and it's ever so delightful to see her bare funbags in yet another memorably fully visible position. I'm pretty sure I could sculpt Miley anatomically perfect at this point. I might just get started. Enjoy.

(Thank you to 'James' and several other EgoReaders jumping in on the Miley topless sightings.)

Miranda Kerr Strips Down for Hot Almost Nekkid Shoot in GQ UK

Well, hello there lovely little Aussie lass. Miranda Kerr is featured in the latest edition of GQ UK and she's looking mighty, well, nekkid. Which is about the best or near the best you can hope for with such a sextastic newly single woman.

Now, you know I didn't gloat when Miranda and Orlando separated as I reluctantly and not so presciently forecast the minute they got married. Not a tough call. But I think I'm going to give Miranda a little room to get comfortable with her single self before I swoop in and show her what that bare sweet booty and see-through tank top is doing to my very soul at this moment. It's like a tsunami meets a hurricane meets an earthquake of passion, with only myself to be potentially injured. Miranda Kerr is just so super MILFtastic, I want to scream. I am currently actually. Enjoy.

Katy Perry Looking Mighty Fine Down Under

Katy Cocktease might give us a pain in the blue regions, but there's really no denying her power stems from looking sextastic and hot in the first place. Katy put her legs and other body goodness on display Down Under over the weekend for a celebration of something to do with art and museums and a bunch of other things I care less about than merely ogling Katy.

For all of Katy's faults and annoying personal relationship habits, I'd still shank any one of you in the prison showers for a chance to spend ten minutes along in isolation with Katy. I'd concede two minutes for her to chatter a bit and make some silly remarks that I would pretend to laugh at, then remind her we had eight minutes left and ask her if she could breathe through her nose. I'm considerate like that. Katy, let's roleplay this, I'm so ready. Enjoy.

Rihanna Looks Good and Bare Midriff Arriving Back in the U.S.

Being Bajan, I'm not sure technically Rihanna is returning to the U.S, but, this does seem to be her adopted homeland, so let's call it a homecoming of sorts when the well-bodied diva arrives back from one of her overseas paid adventures. Say what you will about Rihanna, but she never isn't showing some kind of skin and exhibiting her naturally hot body and alluring features.

In this case, her taut midriff coming out of the terminal at LAX and looking fit and passion inducing and ready for another round of body-baring touring and auto-tuned performances. The state of modern music may be acoustically dreadful, yet I can't think of a time when pop music had more hot looking women running around half-nekkid. I'd do that tradeoff any day of the week. It's already been done I suppose. Happy days we live in. Enjoy.

Anja Rubik Bares Her Landing Strip in Nekkid Black and White Delight in Lui


Today might just be the day to see so much Euro-model goodness that you move yourself to a Swiss chalet in the Alps merely so you can start getting local editions of the major women's magazines that contain all these great sights. Not that Lui magazine is a re-imagined periodical for the ladies. It's really all male, and Michelle Rodriguez leaning women who love to see some of the finest ladies in the world getting all kinds of undressed on camera.

The latest Lui lovely is Polish fashion model Anja Rubik. We've seen Anja baring her wares for the sake of photographic art in the past, though perhaps never so alluring as in this present spread. I think I'd like to be a photographer's assistant on the European continent, or perhaps just the guy who wipes down the cyclorama after girls like Anja have been rolling around on it naked. It's all about getting those six degrees of separation down to less than two. Enjoy.