Eva Longoria Bikini ‘Toe’ and Hot Booty Flashing in Italy

I haven't really kept up with Eva Longoria and her busy love life of late, though I do believe she remains one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelorettes with money, power, and a slamming bikini body with a sultry Latina flair. The trifecta of the perfect woman.

Eva has been vacationing with some dude or another in Italy, and took time out of her tourist schedule to show off her bikini body by the pool at her resort. Oh, yes, Eva Longoria has still very much got it. Frontside, backside, topside, downside. There's not an inch of Eva Longoria I wouldn't bathe to slather in lotion and then later insist that yes, that really is just lotion, now close your eyes and go back to sleep. Eva does include some pretty naughty thoughts. Enjoy.

Elle Fanning Sports Bra and Stretch Pants For Her Daily Workout

Elle Fanning might be young, but she's one of the hottest commodities in Hollywood these days given that she's tall, slender, blonde, and also has some serious acting chops. The sky's the limit for Elle, probably well past her older sister, though that remains to be seen, though Elle is making sure when she gets her bare-arse movie parts she won't be needing a CGI smear job like Dakota. Elle hits that gym in Studio City pretty much every day for yoga and dancing and some other things that keep her in top top teen readiness.

Elle's semi-standard gym wardrobe is the little sports bra and tights, a regular but striking figure on her daily jaunts to workout. There are a few more things I'm tempted to say about Elle, but decorum and prevailing laws in Guam currently prevent me from mentioning. Just a hey, how's it going, Elle, looking good, will have to do. Enjoy.

Ninja Driver Mode On: Samurai Sword Gear Stick

Drive like a samurai, brake like a ninja. Okay, so that doesn't really make sense, but what does make a whole lotta sense is getting a gear stick for your car that looks hella awesome, like the Samurai Sword gear stick. As the name implies, it looks like the handle of a samurai sword.

The gear sticks are available in either red or black and are about 10.5 inches in length. They fit most cars, so no need to worry about compatibility or fitting issues. The makers of the Samurai Sword gear stick offer a bevy of others, like the Dragonball Z and Screwdriver shift knob.

Get It: $50

Two Drunk Russians Are the New Street Fighters (VIDEO)

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When you're drunk, don't make the mistake of being caught on camera. Why? Because the internet can be pretty cruel to dudes who drink and act like douches while the camera's are rolling. Case in point: these two drunk-ass Russians who got the Street Fighter treatment because they can't hold in their alcohol like real men do.

Bazinga! They're so drunk that they're having trouble standing upright. How one of them even manages to light his cigarette is beyond me. Check it out!

Raquel Zimmermann Topless Flaunting Her Picture Perfect Body in Love Magazine


Granted, there is all kinds of art and majesty and styling and themes and other elements for which the gentleman ogler has little use in this Raquel Zimmermann topless pictorial in the new edition of Love Magazine. Then again, there is the little matter of the sextastic Brazilian supermodel flashing her swollen perfect funbags in a number of shots designed to be soft enough for a woman, but strong enough for a man.

We only get to see Raquel every now and then. I'm not sure if she's semi-retired or been taking time off from work. At one point, she was ranked as one of the top models in the world and covering so many prominent magazines. I'll gladly accept her return to the fold by way of some perfectly perty mammarial treats. Maybe you can never go home again. But it can't hurt to be topless while you try. Enjoy.

The Weekly WTF: Yep, The Mainliners Are Still Utterly Creepy-Ass

GAH! Grand Theft Auto may give us a rather romanticized, check-out-my-badass-car view of the criminal life, but this is the harsh reality right here. You’ll be abused in the pants area by ghastly mutants.

You may not be familiar with 2004's The Suffering, a slightly obscure psychological horror game from Midway. It’s the criminally underrated --see what we did there? It’s too damn early in the morning for that kind of wit-tastic-- tale of Torque. This angry dude has been incarcerated in a Maryland prison for the murder of his two children and ex-wife.
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Gisele Bundchen Bikini Body Hotness In the Dog Days of Summer

Every now and then I'll see one of those articles about how Gisele Bundchen is the highest paid model in the world each year and then I'll kind of wonder and then I'll see her in a little showy outfit or bikini again and remember, oh, yeah, that's why. Not only is Gisele super famous and celebrity and pimping the shizz out of twenty different merchandise lines at any given time, but she's the original big time Brazilian supermodel. The girl who brought that specific sultry look to the pages of pretty much every single major fashion and beauty magazine across the planet. Marrying famous and such didn't hurt, but it's Gisele's long lean lust inducing body and ability to photograph hot in anything that made her the kazillionaire she is today.

Seeing Gisele in a two piece prancing across the beach with her pooch just reminds us, even in stupid floppy hats, Gisele is a standout among the multitude. Supermodels don't just grow on trees. But, man, if they did, how I would plant one this second in my backyard and raise it with the care of a nervous mother. Enjoy.