Selena Gomez Is Chesty Good And Other Fine Things To Ogle


I never get tired of looking at Selena Gomez‘s ta-tas. (Drunken Stepfather)

Celebrate hump day with some lovely lady humps. (The Chive)

Taylor Swift in a low cut dress will make your day. (WWTDD)

Beyonce has some seriously awesome sideboobs. (TMZ)

Margot Robbie wears a sheer dress and it is good. (Huffington Post)

Dakota James has an exemplary booty. Exemplary. (Hollywood Tuna)

Mayra Suarez in a bikini is a wonderful thing. (Popoholic)

Lais Lima Topless In Her Apartment, Because It’s the Perfect Place to Be Topless

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If Brazil announced tomorrow they were stepping up production on hot models, I’d probably petition the U.N. for a worldwide holiday in celebration. While there are so many young lithesome hot bodied Brazilian models already, there simply can’t ever be nearly enough. At least until I get my three. Then maybe the rest of you can do for yourselves.

Alluring Brazilian model Lais Lima stripped down to her bottom undies for this lovely peek into her boudoir in Aresenic magazine. I’d like to think Lais does this even when the cameras are not around, but I’m satisfied to think of what she can do when the flashbulbs start popping. I guess flashes don’t really pop so much anymore, okay, digital fake click sound. She’s a dream in color and black and white. Going home tonight to see my dog, Mr. Fuddleston, he’s going to see that look in my eye and know I was wishing he was Lais Lima waiting for me instead. He’s particularly intuitive. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Douglas Mendes for Arsenic Magazine

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Mayra Suarez Bikini Pictures for the Hottie Latina Push from Nordstrom

Don’t you know, everybody is getting into the sextastic Latina lust camp these days. And even old line department stores from the Northwest like Nordstrom are getting into the much needed act. Like hiring Mexican sweet teats fashion model Mayra Suarez to be their bikini model girl for their latest two piece line. Talk about dipping your feet right into the south of the border sextastic swimming pool.

For one brief shining moment years ago we did see some naughty photos of Mayra circulating around the digisphere from sources unknown, though almost certainly a boyfriend. But now we begin our virtual affair with this object d’lust all over again. As it should be, gentlemanly from the very beginning. Then later shifting into prurient and depraved. Like after the appetizer round. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Nordstrom

Christina Milian Extreme Sideboob (With a Little Glue Gun Action)

I come here both to praise and to lament our dearest belusted hottie Christina Milian. Oh, she had ideas alright. A mostly open jacket top with no bra and her special jugular wonders all bare to any ogler standing at a 45-degree angle or sharper. I think that was intentional. Intentionally so because the sextastic singer and reality show star decided to put some pasties or just shot some goo on her precious headlights for the love of the warm and sticky. In either case, small to moderate boo.

Christina Milian has always been one of our favorites and an avid exhibitionist, so we hold no grudge. I’m glad she’s back in the spotlight flashing her sweet melons and curvy body. I just hope she doesn’t get too many network notes on her skin shows. She really has such a nice track record of visual benevolence. I’d hate to see the business affairs people ruining that. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews/FameFlynet/Splash

Constance Nunes Chesty Naughty Leather Goods Fun Time

Do you happen to like hot Portuguese models in leather preening for the cameras. I know, right, me too! Constance Nunes isn’t just any good looking woman off the street. Nay, this super class super sextastic model holds her own in any and all bikini and lingerie occasions. Not to mention her quite adept ability at crawling across the floor on all fours. Oh, to live in the vicinity of that asstastic.

In this Alan Mura shot video, you see the makings of an alluring fantasy come to life. At least, this is what pops into my head when I doze off in stretches. You can only hope to someday wake to this as well. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Alan Mura, videographer

Esther Cronin Topless Perfection In Black And White

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If you’ve noticed, I’ve been making an effort in 2015 to bring you the next generation of the models and celebrities already working well, but who I believe will be the names you’re going to see much of on Egotastic! Future. When your buddy at the office says, hey, have you seen this so and so from this new movie or SI calendar or dating DiCaprio, I want you to tell him, yeah, I kind of knew about her three years ago and I already own a shrine to her in my sub-basement near the water heater. That’d be splendid.

Well, add the name Esther Cronin. At twenty this devilishly hot blonde from New Zealand has scored many major modeling campaigns, and is combining them with the liberal sensibility about showing off her body for the elite photographers. That’s like building your own pathway to success in this world. Be seen when you have so much goodness to share. Not to mention one absolutely killer body and alluring looks. Esther, we shall be seeing more of you, not that this isn’t a wonderful start. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Stephen Tilley

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Barbara Palvin Swimsuit Pimping for the Ladies, But Revving Up the Gents

In these pictures clearly meant to sell clothes to the fairer sex, you clearly see the heavenly hot Hungarian V.S. model Barbara Palvin showing exactly why models always have stories of being ‘discovered’. Of course, you can’t discover something that already exists, but you can be the one to make it into something the whole world can appreciate. Girls like Barbara don’t randomly appear on the international scene. Somebody with an eye for sextastic talent identifies her potential. Photographers advance that potential, then people like myself with small couches but large missions take it upon ourselves to make sure the rest of the world gets to meet them. Could you live a happy life without knowing Barbara Palvin? Of course you could. But why would you want to?

In this little swimsuit fashion number for L’Espirit Rive’, Barbara shows why she’s one of those small number of smoking hot women whose looks transcend themes. She’s a page stopper when I’m flipping through my lady’s magazines and catalogs, as I do every Wednesday, and occasionally, Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays, and non-football Sundays. Oh, Barbara, that you could step out from the pages of these photoshoots and whisper naughty things in my ear. That’s the very reason I don’t wear headphones. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Le Bon Marché L’Esprit Rive