Ariana Grande Booty 2014: The Year of the Concert Sweet Tuchus Flashing

Oh, Ariana Grande. I’m not leaving 2014 without a tribute to your in-concert feline booty shaking. Ariana has been something of an awakening this year, transforming from a TV starlet into a full fledged music video and concert auto-tuned pop sensation. She went from relative worldwide obscurity to international stardom, complete with a never ending assorting of leg and booty baring costumes that highlighted her minxy female goodness.

Join me with me now if you will in this track back through the year of 2014 at the best of Ariana’s booty shows. I’m quite certain I could never actually attend a concert of hers without ending up on a police list, again. But I’m not in any way possessing the self-control not to leer at this pop star sextastic body just the same. Quite a fine year, Ariana. Enjoy.

Kendall Jenner’s New Year Bikini Pic And Other Fine Things To Ogle


Kendall Jenner shows off her bikini bod in Dubai. (Drunken Stepfather)

Classic hotties Christie Brinkley and Alexa Ray show they’ve still got the goods. (Huffington Post)

This is sexy Marina Nery and this is her in see-through lingerie. (Hollywood Tuna)

Josephine Skriver makes me feel happy in my pants in these bikini pics. (Popoholic)

Kristina Sofia in a teeny tiny bikini? Don’t mind if I do. (The Superficial)

Cintia Dicker sizzles in the pages of GQ Brazil. (COED)

Newcomer Lily Aldridge is sexier than your girlfriend. (Celebslam)

Kim Kardashian Boobtastic 2014: A Look Back At the Cleavetastic Money Makers

And the stroll down mammary lane continues with a year in review of Kim Kardashian racktastic. Perhaps nobody makes more money off her curvaceous female form than Kim Kardashian. You could try listing her other talents, but many have tried and failed to take pen to paper in any meaningful manner. Nope, that $100 million empire is built off top and bottom curves, the former of which she hardly let slow up in this year even of the first baby pushing.

Have ta-ta’s will travel. Kim knows exactly how her bread gets buttered and what the gentleman oglers will go premium on. Smart or dumb is kind of a moot point when somebody’s still winning on the scoreboard. Give it up for a year’s worth of Kim Kardashian cleavetastic. I’m certain there’s a bare nugget(s) in here somewhere as well. Enjoy.

Rihanna Funbags 2014: Long May She See-Through and Nipple Slip Reign

You can’t have a proper Auld Lang Syne without a few reminisces about your favorite Bajan diva and her penchant for flashing her bare boobtastic in and out of wardrobe tops during the past year. Rihanna doesn’t just dislike clothes, she seems to truly hate them, though as a woman who makes millions modeling fashions, she probably can’t confirm her birthday suit is her favorite outfit.

Join with me now if you will on a look back at some of our favorite see-through and just plain spilling out of tops shots of Rihanna from the past year. She really is creating something of a special ta-ta hot bodied legacy. Personally, I applaud, adore, and worship. I’ll leave you to sort through your own feelings. Enjoy.

Gabi Levinnt Topless Hot Brazilian Biker Chick, Yeah, That’s a New Year’s Treat

Click To See Uncensored

Do you happen to like curvaceous tatted alluring Brazilian women on motorcycles? I think I just heard the word ‘yes’ uttered in seventeen different languages. How can you not be tempted by the thought of Gabi Levinnt and her bodacious body riding your hog. Yes, that’s a horrible pun, but it in no way should take away from the raw feelings of rumbling power that only a motorcycle and a woman with stellar round funbags can provide. Sexy magazine indeed.

On this final day of 2014, I’m flashing back to some of my earliest memories of the sextastic, including the biker girls who used to invade my neighborhood as a child. Oh, how they both frightened and tempted me with their unchecked tongues and leather clad racks. Nothing much has changed. I could still use a good woman in leather to turn me into a man, then blow smoke in my face and make me thank her for the privilege. I’m calling you right now, Gabi Levinnt. Let’s ride bikes! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Sexy Magazine, Brazil

Check Out Gabi in Her BTS Video »

Camille Rowe Bra, Panties, Super Good Looks, It’s All There

Camille Rowe happens to be my favorite. I might just let her be my girlfriend in 2015 if she asks nicely and she likes to bowl. In fact, the bowling isn’t necessary, or the nice asking for that matter. We can just stay-in while she berates me for not having a real job. I’m good with that, Camille, provided you lash out at me whilst in your bras and panties. Oh, you do wear them ever so well.

Featured in this pictorial for Next lingerie, Camille Rowe reminds me that one of the finer things to happen in 2014 was her inclusion into the V.S. lineup of silky nothings clad ladies. She really does have one of the female forms that lights me up like no other. And that smile. It makes me want to build a ship of some kind. Maybe just inflate a dinghy. A man needs to realize his limitations even in the face of massive inspiration by way of lust. Camille Rowe, I need so much more of you in 2015. Please, baby, please. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Next

Lady Victoria Hervey Neon Thong Signals It’s Uncle Bill Sandwich Time

Lady Victoria Hervey likes herself a good Caribbean vacation during the holidays. She’s a tad bit on the socialite gaunt scale, but I could see myself feeding her sandwiches and rapping with her about aristocratic family criminal indiscretions until she packs on enough to be safe in a strong wind. It takes a certain kind of man to turn their innate need for meat switch back to the ‘on’ position. I’d like to think I’m that man, if not the guy who can whine and plead enough to get what I want.

Lady Victoria is just one of many bikini clad celebrities and blue bloods sunning themselves in the tropics over the New Year’s. Unlike generations past, none of these ladies seem to be the least bit tan. I suppose this is an ode to better skin health in the modern age, though I’d be lying if I didn’t say I miss the brownish girls on the beach and their revealing tan lines even more. We may never see that era again. I’ll pour some Coppertone out for the homies. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash