Rachel Jessee Topless Ginger Candid Perfection at Go-Topless Rally in NYC


When you got it, flaunt it. Especially when you are one hot ginger performer like Rachel Jessee, a Manhattan artist, performer, and strong supporter of the right for women to go topless in public. If I had perfect sweet funbags like Rachel Jessee, I'd be at the forefront of this march as well. I mean, after 22-hours of sudsing, massaging, and lotioning my faptastic sweethearts daily.

The right to Free Speech is second only in import of the right for hot gingers with beautiful busty boobs to protest their right to flash their udders in public. Actually, it's already legal in New York to do so, so this is more of an honoring the right kind of thing. I support it all. I only wish I could be there to give Rachel Jessee and her righteous chest the full support it needs. Enjoy.

Link? What the Hell are you Doing in ‘Mario Kart 8?’

Well, yes, that Mercedes DLC was kind of a ballache. But fear not. If you’ve ever wanted to see Link wang a red shell into Mario’s exhaust pipe (and that’s not a sex thing, but is probably readily available in the seedier corners of the Internet), or race as that dead-eyed boy-freak villager from Animal Crossing, your prayers have been answered.

And you totally have wanted both of these things. Don’t try to BS us on that.

Anywho, feast your eyes on the hero of Hyrule’s spangly new wheels. Two DLC packs for Mario Kart 8 have been announced, continuing Nintendo’s relentless campaign to cajole every drop of cashtacular they can from their biggest franchises. We never thought we’d see Mr. Zelda getting his kart on, but when the dollar signs are in fancy-ass Asian businessmen’s eyes, anything is possible.

The two packs are named --so that nobody shits their pants in confusion-- Pack 1 and Pack 2. The first will be available from November, and offers Link, Cat Peach and Tanooki Mario. The second, next May, includes Dry Bowser, the Animal Crossing villager and Isabelle (his dumbass puppy secretary). Along with the characters, new franchise-themed tracks and vehicles will be included. A Blue Falcon kart, you say? We’re on board.

Via Kotaku.

Tulisa Contostavlos Bikini Pictures White Hot Curves in the Bermuda Triangle

Tulisa Contostavlos has been through some long level of legal battles of late. But she seems to be in recovery mode looking crazy hot in Bermuda in a small white bikini around her sweet curvy female form. I guess she's not a stress eater like myself. I would have gone through a lorry full of beef jerky sweating it out in a court room. I go through the jerky just watching my team down by a touchdown at half time. Not Tulisa. She looks bikini fit as a fiddle I'd love to rub my bow... never mind.

Tulisa, you have discovered the best play in life. Looking like a hot chick in a start white bikini on the beach. Really, there's no better way to tell the world that you and your alluring boobtastic are back in business and ready to take on anything. Good for you. And very good for us. Enjoy.

Liv Tyler Wears a Bikini On A Yacht In Spain

The lovely Liv Tyler took us back to 1995 hotness in a bikini on a boat in Spain. I remember back in my youth when Liv would appear in her dad's videos looking all sexy and sweet. Then she was the EILF in Lord of the Rings, (Elf I'd Like To F). Now she is still a girl that I would like to do the no pants dance with. The best thing about these pics is the gratuitous booty crack that you can see in several of the photos. What is awful in a plumber is wonderful in a hot woman. Sure, Liv isn't quite as tight as she was back in the 90's but then again who is? I kind of like her a bit fuller. I enjoy a girl with a little meat on her bones.

My grandfather always used to say that you can never trust a woman who is too skinny. Words to live by.

The Return Of “Full House”?

From the time I was in elementary school until this very day I've had an endless fascination with the TV show Full House. The story of a widower raising his three precocious daughters with the help of his best friend and John Stamos has provided me with hours of "quality" entertainment. Well, I may soon get my wish of new episodes of the legendary series. Uncle Jesse confirmed rumors that a possible new series is in the works. The story would pick up in modern times with the Tanner girls all grown up and Joey, Danny, and Jesse in middle age. Most of the cast says they are on board, all except Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Apparently, they are too busy dating oily foreign millionaires to reprise the role that made them famous.

This is good news for a variety of reasons but I think the main one is that we need a little Full House right about now. The world is a really scary place right now and we could use the innocence and goofiness of the Tanner family. Look, the show isn't good in fact it's pretty bad. But that's not what's important. The show has an innocence and blithe sentimentality that we could use today. If nothing else the show is like mental heroin and would allow us to zone out for a half hour.

Alessandra Ambrosio Goes To Her Morning Yoga Class In Tights

The ever gorgeous Alessandra Ambrosio was looking hot as F in a pair of tights on her way to yoga. Yoga is the ancient art that teaches women how to be all bendy and sport a camel toe in Lululemon tights. At least, that's the type of yoga Alessandra is into. I'm quite sure that when she bends over to do downward facing dog you see the outline of her upward facing kitty cat, if you get my meaning. One can only hope that it was one of those hot yoga classes to add to the sweaty fun. Of course, she doesn't have to do much to get our motor running. Alessandra looks good in anything. A bikini, tights, an evening dress. I'm pretty sure she could make a potato sack look sexy.

I hear that yoga is supposed to lead to enlightenment through stretching or something. All I know is that Alessandra in tight tights is all the Nirvana I need.

For Posterity’s Sake: Useless Crap In A Skull

Got useless crap that you can't bear to throw away that's scattered all around the house? Crap like bottle caps, champagne corks, that broken watch you got from your old man. Don't put it all in a box for storage. Instead, gather them all in one place and display them in an artsy fartsy way by shipping them off to Uskull.

Renowned artist Kenny Irwin, who's behind Uskull, will basically use your stuff to make a custom life-sized skull that you can proudly display on the mantle. And that's how fancy junk gets made.

Get It: $375