Ana Braga and Her Purple Thong Bikini Are a Wonderful Duo

Ana Braga knows how to wear a bikini. Or not wear a bikini. Even with the tiny thong the blonde Brazilian bombshell often wears to the beach in Miami, she seems to feel like it's covering too much. So, often, the top has to come off for a bit, or in this wonderfully exhibitionist bit of thumper-teasing, Ana decided to take down her thong bottoms for a little ride along curvaceous roads. Fortunate for us to share in the experience.

Bodacious and crazy curvy girls in thongs is quite a thing to begin with. You start adding in lots of stretching and lowering of the thongs, and you have an even greater thing. This is called innovation and I like it. Enjoy.

Nao Fujimoto Topless Japanese Treats Taste Ever So Sweet on a Ta-Ta Tuesday


Every time I come across another glamourous topless lovely from our Asian exploration, I wonder how I could have gone as long as I have without seeing such heavenly delights. It's not that Asian girls are any more special than any others, hotties from all lands are all God's hotties and I would gladly beg for private moments with all of them, it's just something tantalizingly exotic about these ladies that make me want to drop everything I'm not doing and hop a flight to Tokyo. Radiated sushi be damned, I'm after bigger fish.

The likes of Nao Fujimoto, who now fills my soul with her impressively taut nipples and one righteously award winning body she's baring for the lust of gentleman oglers across the globe. Ah, Japanese girls with curvy nekkid bodies, how you do inspire a soul to its handiwork. Enjoy.

Kendall Jenner Leggy in White for Simple Jenner Lusting

Kendall Jenner is now at that age and modeling stage when she can do the grown up little white shorts and sheer tee on the steps pictorials. Blessedly so. It takes a real model to pull off such simplicity, and it's hard to deny that Kendall has the tall, lean, feminine chops for this kind of posing you normally see from Victoria's Secret angels and the like.

I can't help but be wistful watching Kendall get all womanly and grow'd up. I can't help but harken back to a simpler time when her mom was using her as a young girl on her new TV show, or she was just first dropping out of school to sell licensed merchandise and Tweet full time. They do leave the nest so soon. But looking like Kendall does, it should be a fairly smooth flight. Enjoy.

Tamara Ecclestone Bikini Hotness Post-Baby Vaults Her Right into MILFtastic Stratosphere

It's got to be the genes, right? Those model genetics inherited from her mom (not so much her odd looking dad) that allows a brunette hottie heiress like Tamara Ecclestone to look like this just seven-weeks after officially joining MILFhood for the first time. I mean, I've never pushed a child through my birthing canal before, not that I remember, or gestated one in my belly, but I have to imagine it typically takes more than seven works of even regular exercise to generally look this solid and tight in a bikini. Naturally, Tamara's mams are even bigger than before, which she blessedly shows off in this undersized bikini top.

This entire scene is absolutely perfect. Except she's in Morocco instead off crying on my shoulder telling me how her husband doesn't appreciate her and spends many nights away since the baby was born. That's when Uncle Bill steps in, gives the baby a little whiskey spiked milk for a sleepy nap, and shows mom that some men appreciate her now more than ever. I'm a randy Mary Poppins. Enjoy.

Kate Upton Upskirt, Olivia Munn Cleavage, and Rihanna Deep Booty Crack Highlight the Met Gala After-Party Hotness

Everybody knows the after-party is always so much better than the party itself. I mean, so I'm told by people I know who get invited to such fancy affairs. I didn't even realize that once you got dressed up super fancy, you had to go get re-dressed for the next stop in your evening, but fashion demands are high, as are our needs to see even slinkier gowns on the hot ladies, so I'm completely down with this phenomenon. Just look what came of it.

Rihanna stepped out in an even lower-back cut dress that revealed half of her gloriously hot thumper, stealing the red carpet with pure asstastic. Olivia Munn was not far behind with her deep cleavage show. And then there was Kate Upton, not such a revealing dress for her, but it certainly show off a lot while seated in the back of her limo, accidentally flashing her panties to the world. Or maybe it was just to me, but I'll let you look as well. Hey, Kate Upton upskirts are not something you horde, lest you be cast overboard when discovered. It was quite an evening. Enjoy.

Bryana Holly Covered Topless Hot And Pimping Jeans in Black and White

I really do have a thing for Brody Jenner's model ex-girlfriend. It's always hard for me to fathom breaking up with a girl as wicked hot as Bryana Holly, no matter the stories that you'd tell me to go along as explanation. But that's just me, a sucker for hot blondes in jeans and no tops hanging out and posing for photographers.

We've seen a number of stellar Bryana Holly photoshoots now, enough to let me know that this girl has enough talent to be doing more serious modeling, while still maintaining her roots and coming to my house in a French maid's costume to pretend dust. Why can't a woman have it all? I'd certainly love to see all of Bryana Holly, just ever so damn hot. Enjoy.

(Since all the Ego ladies are asking, Bryana is wearing DSTLD Jeans.)

Olga Torres, One Motorcycle, Two Funbags, Five Minutes of Happy Leering


If you've been to Spain you know how much they love their motorsports, including motorbiking leagues that are immensely popular in Europe where gas prices make two wheeling the preferred transport option for a ton more people. Naturally, wherever there is sports and money and media you will find a country's sultry hot women hanging around, in the middle of controversies and generally just providing scandal by posing topless in magazines like Interviu.

Such is the case with Olga Torres, who is the sister of a big hitter in the motorcycle racing leagues and the girlfriend of another. I can't keep the entire familial soap opera straight, but I can feel rather groovy ogling Olga's slender fine topless body doing various things with motorcycles that surely makes me jealous of those fast rides. I can't think of a much hotter scene than a sultry Latina topless on a motorcycle. And I think about these things all day long. Enjoy.