Avril Lavigne Bikini Pictures Frolic in Cancunian Waters

I think this is the first time we've seen Avril Lavigne in just her two piece since her latest wedding, the Mrs. Nickelback putting on the bikini for a frolic in the beaches off the coast of Cancun, Mexico. I'd like to say I remember any of my three trips to Cancun, but I don't. I'm pretty sure at one point I was in a Mexican jail for three months, but it's all a blur. I might be thinking of an episode of 24.

Avril may or may not be sporting new body ink, she definitely still has quite the alluring female form, never the fully curvaceous girl, but always a cute little faux punker who held her own in a bikini, especially when it starts to fall from her devilish crack. Avril, you still got it. Maybe quit the singing bit and take up bikini candid modeling full-time. Just a suggestion. Enjoy.

Tatiana Vazquez Dances Her Topless Way Into Your Heart on a Ta-Ta Tuesday


Tatiana Vazquez is gaining some notoriety down Argentina way for her reputation as a dancer. Make of that title what you will, but the girl has gained enough Q rating that the good folks at H Para Hombres lads magazine decided it was time to feature Tatiana and her ta-ta's on the pages of their heralded periodical. I must say, she's worth a gander.

While we waver back and forth between the au natural and the slightly less, um, natural, there's no doubt that if you saw Tatiana dancing around your visual range, you'd crank your head in a not so orderly fashion and probably dislocate a few vertebrae. Just something about those blonde saucy Latinas with the curves of what just might be your best vacation memory ever. Tatiana, keep up the good work. Enjoy.

Bella Thorne Beautiful Beach Girl for Seventeen

Bella Thorne certainly is blowing up. And growing up. Her age still seemingly undetermined, sort of like a Dominican baseball player, but her looks growing in the right direction daily, even as she lives her adult styled life of TV and movies and grown up boyfriends and traveling and modeling and the like. She's still the ingenue we first pegged to take over the Miley Cyrus spot at Disney. She's just moving a little faster than anyone could've possibly expected toward maturity.

Take for instance her new cover beach spread in Seventeen magazine. Bella has the confidence of an experienced model and girl of the world. She's beachy, and it's meant for the clothes buying girl crowd, but this is another step on the rung for Bella toward what is certainly going to be more adult styled posing ala her two older sisters who get quite exhibitionist in their visual proceedings. Bella, you've got time, as do we. We're delighting in the process. Enjoy.

Lea Michele Bares Her Boobtastic With Nipple Slips and Deep Deep Cleavage at Fox Upfronts

It's hard not to see a pattern here with Lea Michele. I mean, a sextastic exhibitionist chestal region pattern. First, she almost flashed the entire kid world at her Oz animated movie premiere, now she's not actually contained at all up top in her revealing outfit to the Fox Upfronts where advertisers and affiliates get to see Lea's funbags talk excitedly about the upcoming season of Glee.

I'm quite certain I'd sign on for whatever knowing the effort Lea put into her wardrobe. I'm assuming she's wearing some kind of protection to keep her otherwise slipping nipples from poking somebody's eyes out, which is unfortunate, because a full topless reveal might be good for her show. I know it would do me some good. Lea, we are getting so so close. Enjoy.

Padma Lakshmi Shines In Yellow Dress In NYC

Padma Lakshmi spent Mother's Day in New York City looking super hot in a short yellow dress. The cookbook author and Top Chef host was out and about with her daughter in a canary yellow outfit that contrasted beautifully with her lovely skin. The dress was short, which showed off her amazing legs. It's a shame that she spends all that time on Top Chef with those lovely stems hiding under the judge's table. She should host the show draped on a piano or something like a cabaret singer. I guarantee a 47% boost in ratings. Padma is so sexy. There is something about a smart, pretty girl that can cook that gets my heart a-racing. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I think the way to a man's heart is through his stomach...well...and his bathing suit area too.

The temperature is rising here in New York which means that it's the time of year when hotties like Padma will be showing more skin. It truly is a magical time to be alive.

Joely Fisher Is Cleavtastic At A Benefit In LA

Actress Joley Fisher was all about the cleav at the 2014 An Evening with Women benefit in LA. Nothing says charity work better than a nice view of a pair of knockers. Showing off ta-tas of this magnitude is a really splendid way to give back. Life is tough and there are few things in this life that bring true joy to the world. Chocolate, pizza, whiskey, and a nice rack are certainly why I get up every morning. Joley's funbags are particularly spectacular. She knows it too. It's no accident that she arrived at the benefit flashing this much skin. I for one applaud her for her bravery and encourage her to go even further with her boobtastic charity work. Joley's has appeared on several shows on the CW and Fox, networks that appreciate a good pair of lady mounds. She also did some guest judging on RuPaul's Drag U, largely as a shining example to those aspiring drag queens of what women's breasts should look like.

I am not really familiar with this organization but I will gladly give them money if it will bring out Joley's ladies at future events.

Mariah Carey Gets Into the Black Lingerie for Terry Richardson

Whatever the rumors and accusations of late swirling around Terry Richardson, it hasn't stopped celebrity hotties from heading back to his studio for some sextastic photoshoots of the simple, but memorable kind.

Take for instance Mariah Carey, and, oh, how I'd like to take her and her big motherly mammaries of delight. Mariah got into some revealing  ingerie for a swell reveal of her award winning boobtasitc. She seems rather comfortable in these photos. I guess when you're a veteran hottie like Mariah with the teats of Olympus it's easier to feel confident in any situation. I once again applaud Mariah's bravery, with a standing ovation and a golf clap for her curves. Just still a total yowzer. Enjoy.