Alessandra Ambrosio In Low Rise Stretch Pants Flashing Her Abs, I’ll Take That for Lunch Please

There is rumor going around that Alessandra Ambrosio might have fixed up her previously seemingly natural petite funbags. I'm not so sure just yet. It's harder to tell these days with the massive technology that goes into brassieres. It's the height of scientific advancement really. Either way I know I'd like to see them dangling like succulent grapes above my face with Alessandra saying naughty things to me in Portuguese while giggling salaciously. Something like that. Or exactly that.

Alessandra is not shy about showing off after her hot mommy workouts in Los Angeles. This time, some low rise stretch pants not hiding a single thing around her worked out midsection and a cropped top allowing even more visuals of her toned tummy. I couldn't be more MILFtastically in lust if I tried. Somebody has to peel those sweaty stretch pants off Alessandra. Why not a guy who has been sculpting the skeletal composition of his hands for just this precise purpose. Call me, Alessandra. I can have that sticky Spandex off you in 1.8 seconds, give or take an hour for gentle caresses. Enjoy.

Danielle Anderson Heaving Hefty Topless Bosom Easily Topples Her Lingerie Wardrobe


If you happen to love hot British blondes with enormous tubes, well, the next sixty seconds of your life are going to be really happy. Danielle Anderson comes to us by way of EgoReader 'Lenny' who claims she changed his entire outlook on life, for about sixty seconds as well. It's amazing how long a minute can feel when it's such a tingly timeline.

Danielle Anderson and her amazingly large udderly round orbs of motorboating goodness falling out of her lingerie top may not have quite such a dramatic uptick in mood for you as it did Lenny, but I guarantee you won't feel any worse by perusing her scantily clad body. As always, that offer comes with a money back assurance. Naturally, if you prefer, you could actually work at your desk or read about Ebola if you prefer that to ginormous chesty goodness. I don't judge. Maybe a little. Enjoy.

Helen Flanagan Topless Almost Boobtastic Show Continues to Be An Alluring Meme

You might call Helen Flanagan the Katy Cocktease of England. Albeit, she's quite a bit more obvious in her implementation of the almost all of my amazing ta-ta's on display strategy. She does have some absolutely luscious funbags. And they are absolutely almost entirely on display in so many wonderful pictorials. Like this bit of uplifting visual wonderment in the current FHM magazine, the British lads magazine. Helen has managed to select a half dozen or more outfits that highlight her massive headlights without fulling showing off her world's eighth wonders. There's almost some praise to be given for such staging, you know, if it were the devil's work.

Helen Flanagan has some of the finest set of mammaries attached to a crazy sextastic woman walking the face of this planet. Somebody in Parliament needs to draft a bill that gets over to Maggie Thatcher or whoever's in charge and compel Helen to spend at least every other Tuesday topless in a public location. I can guarantee you it will help tourism, in the least. Enjoy.

Karina Jelinek and Paz Cornu Bikini Latina Asstastic on Miami Beach

I love it when the Argentinean hotties get together on the beach. Especially when that beach is Miami loaded with paparazzi just dying to capture some beautiful bikini bodies and bottomsides for our guilty viewing pleasures. Minus the guilt, naturally.

Karina Jelinek has been one of our favorite visual wonderments from Sudamericana for some time now. She frequents the beaches of South Florida in a cultural exchange program designed to bring the world closer together over love of hot oily lady thumpers. I'd say it's working. When she invited her fellow countrywoman model hottie buddy Paz Cornu to join her on the sand in bikinis, well, the day got a whole lot more interesting. Not quite as interesting as how I imagine the two girlfriends clean sand off each others bodies when they get back to the condo, but interesting enough. Sultry hot asstastic bikini Latinas. I could not be happier. Enjoy.

Asuka Kirara Strips Topless in a Leopard Bikini for an Asian Invasion Version of Ta-Ta Tuesdays


Oh, how I happen to lust hot Japanese girls in outdoor settings with leopard print bikinis that come off in short order revealing absolutely perfect bodies beneath. Did I happen to mention this before?

Asuka Kirara would be the girl in photographs underneath my bed had I been born in Japan, as opposed to the interior of a volcano where my mother hid me such that my local tribesman wouldn't hunt me down for my super powers. She's sweet and hot and curvy and perfect all over. When her bikini starts coming off, I can feel myself calling Japan Air Lines and asking if they have any nonstops from Los Angeles to hottie busty Asian boobland. I'm not sure of the three digit airport code. I just know I want to go. And stare. And drool into my noodles. Oh, boy. Asuka, you are a wonder. Enjoy.

Ashley Benson Red Hot Short Dress and Matching Panties on Set of ‘Pixels’

I'm pretty much down for any movie about classic video games. You throw in Ashley Benson doing something something in a little tiny costume with swords and I will probably be first line. I do so lust the underrated hotness that is Ashley Benson, the oft-forgotten hot Hollywood blonde.

Ashley was on the set of the new movie Pixels being I presume a good guy, err, good girl, defeating some evil video game sorcery while in a short little costume that showed off her sweet thighs and spankable bottom. I suppose that latter comment is more of a wish than a size or shape description, though make no mistake about it, it is being wished right this second. Oh, Ashley, slay me with your swords and choke me out with your strong legs. I will go out with a smile that even the mortician finds impossible to re-adjust. Enjoy.

Anais Pouliout Lingerie Pictures Will Melt Your Freaking Libido

I might be exaggerating a tad. Libidos are actually designed to withstand up to one thousand degree Kelvin temperatures, or what you might experience upon seeing Anais Pouliot and her French model goodness barely clad in this Urban Outfitters lingerie photoshoot. I didn't even know Urban Outfitters sold lingerie. I certainly didn't have it pegged for silk and lace and Frenchy model goodness. Then again, I haven't stepped inside a retail establishment in over ten years time, mostly due to restraining orders.

Like her French colleague Camille Rowe who we saw yesterday in her thongs and bras, Anais brings that spectacular Gallic alluring body intrigue to the pimping of the boudoir wardrobe. I've been chewing on my knuckles for the past ten minutes checking her out. The next step is probably whimpering. She is so hot I want to reach right through the screen and have her tell me she already has a boyfriend and he's a bodybuilder who will beat me up. Ah, that would be nice. Enjoy.