Lindsay Lohan Sideboob for Jet Skiing Maxium Aerodynamics in Ibiza

Leave it to lovable Lindsay Lohan to figure out how to show sideboob even in an unlikely jet-skiing suit. Ultimately sideboob is what Lindsay is best known for, at least in her completely sober moments when she's fully aware of what she's showing off. It's a nice look in its own way. It certainly get you first dibs on Jet-skis at the dock.

Lindsay has been tearing her way through the Riviera region this July with various showy outfits, boyfriends, and boats. It's nice just to see her having fun again after so much, well, not so much work, but I guess legal stress. I'm not sure the neoprene is the most flattering material for Lindsay these days, but as always, I do appreciate her thoughtfulness. Enjoy.

Humpday Huzzah! Gracie Lewis Topless Bodacious Goodness in Blue Lingerie


Sometimes you just need a little lift in your step, a little zip in your, um, zipper, some things like that. Here to help you out this midweek mammary celebratory time is Britty curvaceous wonder Gracie Lewis. She's all heart. Or close to the heart. And she's showing off her just outstanding udders in all their glory removing bits of her blue lingerie in the process.

On Wednesdays we do like to celebrate all that is wholly wonderful in this world. Why not start with the nurturing bosom of Mother Nature. And if she's not available for the gig, her sextastic pet projects the likes of Gracie Lewis. In this cleavage you will find peace. I mean, after the first fifteen minutes or so of motorboating frenzy, naturally. Huzzah!

Ariana Grande Growing Up Hottie, But Still Pimping Cute in Seventeen

Ariana Grande is not a girl, not yet a woman. Strike that. She's definitely a woman. It's just that she's still making big bucks as a girl. It's a difficult distinction I am sure for a hottie of her age.

Ariana's life as a teen starlet carries on, often in fine faptastic form, as this Seventeen magazine spread where the ginger-topped doll wears various short skirts and dresses to let teen girls know she's just like them. Well, hotter perhaps and with legs to die for, but just like them all the same. I love it all. Old Ariana, new Ariana, anything Ariana Grande. I'm a fan of it all staring up her skirt from the floor. That's where the real fans should be. Enjoy.

Francia Raisa Bikini Birthday Girl for Underrated Hottie Appreciation Day

Every day should be underrated hottie appreciation day. Why not. While the girls who are universally honored in song and faptastic dance are ever sextastic, it's often the girls who don't get the pub who I imagine jumping out of my birthday cake. Or me, their birthday cake, if the cake be of substantial girth.

Francis Raisa had a little birthday party for herself in Malibu and decided to wear a bikini top to show off her sweet and bosomy 20-something body as it turned a year older. Just watching her blow out the candles made me hope she was wishing for something really naughty and obscure. Like a blogger who is poetically promoting her goodness. That would be me, Francia. Save some blowing. That sounded wrong. But I'm not taking it back. Enjoy.

Megan Fox Hella Hot Down Mexico Way for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Premiere

Megan Fox could sell me anything. Even on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. While I have a feeling it's going to insult my childhood something fierce, how I can I really skip any movie with the delicious brunette sextastic Megan Fox running around in tight sweaters. I'd watching her cleaning stables dressed like that.

Megan Fox was the star of the red carpet for the TMNT premiere in Mexico City, where she showed off her svelt figure and perfectly toned legs and make everybody stop carrying about the turtles origin stories and similar fan boy divisions. It was just about imagining April O'Neil diligently reporting on the feelings of passions running up and down your nervous system. The tingles have spoken. I will see you opening day, Megan. Sucker am I. Enjoy.

Jessica Impiazzi Topless TOWIE Sunbathing Uncensored and Off the Racktastic


Reality TV giveth and it taketh away. We know what it takes away. Our humanity. Our souls. And our dignity. But, perhaps a small price compared to what it has given us. A stable full of attractive young women with major league bazoongas competing for worldwide attention. That's never been a bad thing.

The Only Way Is Essex in the U.K. has brought us a whole gaggle of young curvaceous hotties with not much on their minds, but oh so much on their bodies. Or in the case of Jessica Impiazzi on holiday, not so much on her body as she removed her bikini top to reveal just a stellar pair of Funions in need of a little sunshine. Oh, my, those are passion inducing peaches. Jessica, thank you. Reality television, thank you even though you know not what you do. Even a broken clock shows off its ridiculously hot bare body twice a day. Enjoy.

‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Trailer Drops Some Abraham Lincoln On Us (VIDEO)

Call of Duty- Advanced Warfare Campaign Trailer
Plus, a brief glimpse of the multiplayer.

At this point, we’re all pretty damn well acquainted with Call of Duty plots. Countries are pissed at other countries, harsh words are said, important dudes’ mothers are accused of having weight problems. Somebody doesn’t send out that thank you card for the cookies at World Leaders’ Meeting About Trivial BS Day, and the whole thing escalates.

Before you know what the balls, furious studly dudes with guns are wrecking shit all over the place. No shit is left un-wrecked.

Also, terrorists.

So, here comes Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and its fancy new campaign trailer. It presents a world in turmoil, after the first global terrorist attack in history. Who can prevent these atrocities on innocent nuclear reactors the world over? You, that’s who. Take a look at the shady new ATLAS Corporation in action above.