Danica McKellar and Her Booty in Tight Shorts Are Back at DWTS

I must admit, I have not actively been following the results of this season's Dancing With the Stars competition. As you know, so long as any legitimate sport continues to be broadcast on any cable channel, I've vowed never to watch that show. But there are always a couple or three hotties worth following each season, including Danica McKellar and her Winnie Cooperlicious booty revival in hot pants during practice sessions for the show these past couple of months.

You may have heard that Danica cracked a rib during one of her dances recently. Apparently, this has sent the Vegas oddsmakers into a tizzy. Or at least a lot of bored housewives. From staring at her tight little Spandex clad thumper for the past thirty minutes, I'm going to declare her rib to be fully heeled and Danica good to go back into the leaping, stretching, and deep bending particulars. The show must go on. As must that bottom! Enjoy.

June Walton Topless Dutch Teats, Err, Treats for Glam Jam


I do so love a Dutch woman without her clothes on. Well, and skates or wooden shoes, naturally. They grow them tall and blonde and super sextastic in the lowlands of Flanders where the language is impossible to understand, but you don't need to say much but 'hubba hubba' when perusing the long line of statuesque fair haired hotties of the land.

June Walton may sound like an innocent character from an old American TV family show, but she's anything but G-rated in her pictorial in Glam Jam magazine, the periodical for the big boobtastic fantasy living in every man's subconscious. June is all that and a butterscotch candy as my grandfather used to say when he was leering at women one-third his age. But, it's true, I can almost taste the butterscotch while ogling June's curvaceous female form. Never discount grandfathers, they've been doing what you're doing right now for much longer than you. Enjoy.

Abbey Clancy Bikini Pictures Asstastic on Dubai Holiday (Yes, I Want to Grab Her Butt Too)

I never much get past Palm Springs adjacent for my vacations. And, by Palm Springs adjacent, I mean the first Native American desert casino that offers free drinks at the low dollar card tables. But hot model and WAG types like Abigail Clancy get to go to Dubai for their thrice a season holidays, to show off their wicked hot bikini bodies, and in the case of Abbey Clancy, one stellar fine and perfectly yoked booty.

Man, her thumper deserves exotic holidays to far away lands. Why not share a gift of that magnitude with the entire world. I've never thought the Middle East made for a particularly awesome vacation destination, but sextastic women are internationally accepted and reversed. If anybody or anything can bring understanding across borders, it's Abigail's derriere in a tiny thong bikini. Just picture perfect. And caress perfect. And a couple other things perfect that would require a sketch drawing for me to explain properly. Booty! Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Helps Kick Off Hot Legs Season in L.A.

With temperatures climbing toward triple digits this week in Los Angeles (I always loved that meteorological cliche), the lovely ladies of the City of Angels are kicking off their yoga pants and jeans and getting into short shorts and short skirts to show off all their hard leg work over the winter months. Selena Gomez is one of the angels we follow rather closely around here, and another one of the rather stem gifted petite hotties who manages to have long legs despite not being any taller than her midget former or current boyfriend. Those legs on Selena, man, when they come out to play for the summer, it's game on in the leering department.

As all leg men know, summer is our season. The time to fire up our retinal cones for several months worth of foot to goodness tilting gazes at some toned, tanned, and lovely gams. Personally, my favorite time of the year. If Selena's wraparounds are just the appetizer round, I really like where this meal is headed. Enjoy.

Kate Upton Cleavy In A Low-Cut Top In NYC

Actress and professional hottie Kate Upton is the queen of cleav in a low-cut black top in this shoot in New York. Kate is hot in various ways but the plunging neckline in this ensemble show off her perfect chesticles. Seriously, they can be seen by most of the tri-state area. Her legendary ladies are perfect. They are like the Platonic ideal of what the human breast is supposed to look like. This outfit has the right amount of cleavage with just a hint of side boob. As a rule, normal cleavage will stop even the most intelligent man in his tracks. Kate's redonkulous boob valley stops traffic all the way to the Jersey turnpike. She's also got an extremely tight pair of jeans on. Like, hug every nook and cranny in just the right way tight.

Kate Upton is one of those women that looks like they were created in a lab by some kind of hot woman mad scientist. A Dr. Frankenboobies, if you will.

Laura Cremaschi Is Flirty In A Pink And Blue Ruffle Bikini

Italian hottie Laura Cremaschi is cute and sexy in a pink and blue ruffled bikini in Miami. The showgirl's bikini accentuates her cannolis under waves of tiny fabric. Laura's lovely breasticles are the right amount of perky and firm. Italy is seriously considering registering them as national treasures along with the Colosseum and Michelangelo's statues of naked dudes. But the real news is how her booty looks in these pics. I appreciate a girl who isn't afraid to show off her assets. Her spicy meatballs are almost completely visible and covered with wet sand. There is something so friggin' hot about a sandy butt. It makes me think of summer fun and sun and not having to go to school.

Oh, to be that pool noodle. I'd like to get wrapped around those perfect abs and boobi balls. Styrofoam has all the fun.

Logan Fazio Bikini Paddle Boarding Sextastic Wet Adventures

We do so love to peek the peeker, getting candid viewa of Miami Beach's hottest paparazzo, Logan Fazio, in a bikini her own damn self and delighting in a little warm weather paddle boarding time.

It's usually Logan with the camera and the bikini shooting other fine ladies in their two piece bits of visual exhibition. And as much as we admire Logan's professional work, we also take time out of our not so busy schedule to admire her personal work and how ogle-worthy her fine female form out on the water. I'm guessing she doesn't flip off the other paparazzi when they take her photo. Enjoy.