Brooke Burke Booty In Tights Shopping At The Malibu Farmers Market

The classic hall of fame hottie Brooke Burke was spotted in tights and workout gear buying fruit and whatnot at the Malibu Farmer's Market. She was sporting a pair of very tight tights. There is a bit of the toe of the camel to be had in the front and booty cleft hugging action in the back. I applaud her initiative in wearing such revealing pants. She also had on a sports bra top and tank that could barely conceal her mammoth jubblies. I'm not entirely sure that these clothes are good for exercising in, but then again, who cares? As the philosopher David Lee Roth once said, "It's not what you do that matters it's how good you looked." Words to live by, Diamond Dave. If that's the case than Brooke has no problems because she looks hot as F.

I wish people looked like that at my farmer's market. Here it's just a bunch of Brooklyn hipsters trying to pick out kale for their "like, totally fetch kale salad" or whatever. If more people there looked like Brooke Burke at the farmer's market I wouldn't avoid it like a case of the herp.

Michelle Hayden Bikini Paddle Boarding In Maui

The lovely Michelle Hayden took some much needed R&R from being professionally hot with a paddle boarding adventure in Maui. Lucky for us she decided to do it while wearing a tiny white bikini. Michelle has what I call a Goldilocks rack. It's not too big or too small but is just right. Her ta-tas are perfectly displayed for our viewing pleasure. There is some lovely cleave with a splash of sideboob. The bottoms also show off her tremendous booty and thighs. I am a thigh man through and through and I appreciate a good pair. Michelle is nicely toned throughout. I'm not entirely sure what paddle boarding is. It just looks like rowing yourself around on a surfboard to me. I'm not sure I "get" it. Whatever it is it seems to be working to keep her in redonkulously good shape.

This Maui sounds like a magical place full of palm trees, hot ladies, and weird paddle sports. Maybe I can convince Egotastic to send me there on a fact finding mission. You know, for work.

Share Social Media Picture and Video Finds

I'm always quite proud of myself when I can update anything myself on this site. Unlike many of you, I didn't have the advantages of secondary education, I mean, secondary to elementary school, so my technical skills are somewhat limited.

However, as many of you are sharing your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media finds with us, I did update the Contact Form just for that purpose.

I can't properly attribute your hottie finds on social media as I can with our regular Friday Reader Finds, but trust me when I say, myself and our world are just as equally grateful when you do. I have my minions scouring the social feeds for photos, but I'm certain I'm still missing some good ones each week. The volume is just so high these days. Thanks.

Amy Hood Kinky Nekkid in Black and White for Purple (NSFW at all)


I'm a big fan of photographer Jonathan Leder. He likes the hot girls in the naughty poses. We've seen much of his work on here before. Now team him up with fetish and oft-bondage model hottie Amy Hood and you have the makings of a quite wonderful pictorial for Purple magazine.

I happen to love naughty girls. Even the appearance of naughty makes me tingly. Naughty and hot, well, that's a whole different level. That's like setting phasers to kill. Stun you walk away from. Kill, well, it's all over. Star Trek nerds understand how I feel checking out Amy Hood in these photos. We're all brothers underneath our different color space unis. Enjoy.

Ana Braga’s Nipples and Other Fine Things to Ogle

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Ana Braga's nipples look pretty in pink (The Superficial)

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Nekkid chicks at the top of their game (Drunken Stepfather)

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Alex Gerrard Bikini in White WAGalicious Glory

Well, Britty soccer player Steven Gerrard may not be pleased with his national team's lackluster performance in the World Cup, but he has to be pretty pleased with the MILFtastic hottie he calls his wife. Alex Gerrard was showing off her hot mommy bikini body in Ibiza in a white bikini, all splashy and showy type fun.

It's pretty well-established here that soccer players get some of the finest wives and girlfriends of any professional athletes. I don't like superlatives, but the premiere foot-ballers around the world are right up there at the top of the list of bedding down the world's best looking models. Alex Gerrard is right up there herself. I'd surely love to be her vacation time towel boy. I see moistness, I dab. You hardly even notice I'm there. Enjoy.


Peyton List Getting Grow’d Up for Nationalist Magazine

Next up in the Disney starlet line of succession is Jessie star, Peyton List. Past her sweet sixteen, her peeps are now pushing her into more grown up photoshoots and roles in film and television, including this noteworthy photoshoot for Nationalist magazine. Slinky dresses and bikinis were the wardrobe choice for Peyton's coming out party as it were. With others such as Bella Thorne just ahead of her in the Miley line of succession, expect some rough play as competition heats up to be the new pretend ingenue. There's gold in d'em darn hills.

Peyton List, welcome to Egotastic! Officially, you have to leave after dark, but nothing much happens around here in the evening hours anyhow. At least, that's how I report it to the police when they arrive on reports of strange howling noises and animal like groans heard over blasting Def Leppard albums. Enjoy.