Olivia Munn Bikini Pictures are Complex

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bill-swift - February 8, 2008

Complex magazine is officially my new favourite magazine of all time ever. Not only did they give us the sexiet pictures of Kristen Bell ever, now they've brought us these amazing Olivia Munn bikini pictures, plus a lot of other hot shots, recreating the some of sexiest moments in comedy movie history. They even included that scene from Dumb and Dumber, which this time features Olivia Munn topless. Talk about a set of headlight!

Other movies given the Complex spin are Weird Science, Dodgeball, There's Something About Mary, Wayne's World, and of course, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which is what inspired the Olivia Munn bikini picture on the cover.

So check out Complex Magazine's article on Olivia Munn for the hilarious article (because above all else, Olivia Munn is one of the funniest girls around), and for a video of Olivia offering anal sex to anyone who can beat her in Wii Boxing.