Olivia Holt Grumpy Magazine All Grow’d Up Hottie

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bill-swift - March 17, 2017

I don't know why I find it particularly thrilling when Disney TV girls get all grow'd up. I feel like Uncle Walt. But only if that sounds super pervy. Olivia Holt is yet another blonde from the Mouse House school of growing up on set. All these shows are presumably the same, even as they somewhat cookie cutter their casting. Part of that cookie is the sweet looks. So who can complain?

Olivia Holt shows her mature side in Grumpy magazine, which probably makes more sense as a name in France. Everything makes more sense there, or at least people are better at pretending. This is the time in a Disney TV star's professional development when she makes transition from multi-layered covered clothing asexual laugh track show star into fully bloomed woman. They don't all make it. I have tremendously high hopes for Olivia. I've pictured how it all goes down a million times. I'm always there applauding. No pants, obviously. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Grumpy magazine