Now That’s Poppin’ Art: Pop Culture Characters on McDonald’s French Fry Cartons

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bill-swift - May 9, 2013

It's only fitting that the biggest pop culture characters find themselves painted on the back of McDonald's french fry cartons. Pop icons, pop fries into your mouth... get it?

This creative series by Australian artist Ben Frost features the like of Bart Simpson, Batman, Hellboy, and Peter Griffin painted in acrylic and I bet McDonald's couldn't be happier. They're as good as the fries that the cartons used to hold; so much so that all of the carton portraits have already sold out.

I tried my hand at art once by painting a portrait of my teacher. It was so bad that she gave me an A on my report because she figured that if I didn't have talent, I might as well try and use my grades to get into a good college.

Little did she know that my plan succeeded.

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