No More Messy Knuckles: Pringles Chip Dispenser

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bill-swift - November 26, 2013

Once you pop, you can't stop. That's the single most accurate tagline for snacks, because most people really don't just stop at a single Pringle. Most people stop when they're halfway through the can, for crying out loud. However, the can's design seems like a deterrent in itself. It's not like most chips were you just grab a few to munch on.

With Pringles, you have to reach into the can to grab your chips. The more you eat and the less there are left, the deeper you'll have to reach. That's a first-world problem that's easily solved by this specially-made-for-Pringles chip dispenser. It was designed by Japanese company EntreX so you can slide and dispense chips without having to get your hands or knuckles messy.

The annoying thing? The dispenser is currently sold out and doesn't look like it's being sold online anymore. Here's to hoping that Pringles starts making and selling these along with their chips for easier munching in the future.

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