Nikki Mudarris Pushes Up Her Cleavage Out For Dinner In Sexy Bralet

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elliot-wolf - May 6, 2018

Nikki Mundarris looks cooler than an ice pop in front of an air conditioner in her shades and outfit. Her military camouflage jacket and army green pants are tactical wardrobe pieces  that’s forcing me to atten-hut. She can be my drill commander any day. I’d fall in line and take orders with zero backtalk. I wonder where does one enlist to join Nikki’s army. We could create our own special unit. Just the two of us. We could carry out missions in the form of dates. Our objective would be to find love and in order to do that we would have to check off each obligation along the way. Great outfit. Check. Great food. Check. Great conversation. Check. We would fall in love and finish our objective faster than an out-of-towner loses cell phone reception when passing through my parts.

I need a woman like Nikki in my life because I need structure. And her structure is something I would love to wake up to everyday. Even though her outfit suggests she’s ready to do battle we would make peace, not war. I'm fully dedicated to changing her relationship status from no mans land to fully infiltrated with my presence.

Photo Credit: Backgrid US