Nikki Lund Puts Her Bikini Boobtastic Where Her Fashion Line Is

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bill-swift - June 25, 2014

I'll say this for fashion designing L.A. native Nikki Lund, she's not asking anybody to show off in her clothes more than she does herself.

Nikki took to the cool waters off the shore of Malibu for a little wet white bikini time, her top neatly designed to keep her large funbags covered even if a little bit see-through and showy. You don't just strap any top over those funions and expect them to stay intact during a rough and tumble surf entry and exit, the site of many a woman wardrobe malfunction. No such luck here, but still we've got our eyes on Nikki. All over. While we drool and imagine her late night designing sessions. I'll being the skein of yarn, Nikki, you pull. Enjoy.