Nicole Minetti Bikini Pictures Present One Fine and Dangerous Politician

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bill-swift - August 11, 2012

Okay, so we don't discuss politics here on Egotastic!, but we are at times compelled to discuss politicians, of the female and hot variety (which is truly rare) and when they're caught up in scandal, well, all the more compelling.

When you're talking sweet looking scandal-ridden politicians, you're pretty much usually talking Italy, where in Nicole Minetti is causing quite a brouhaha with her body and her mind. Apparently, the former dancer and showgirl turned Northern Italian politician may have kind of been one of the girls finding other professional girls for Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's countryside sex parties and now he wants her to quit her day job so he can put that story behind him and she said, fine, I'll go, but first you owe me  one million clams or a hostess job on one of your TV channels. Natch.

Well, more important to us fans here of The Boot less for its ever troubled political operations and more for its ridiculously hot women, Nicole Minetti took a break from gossip to hit the beach in L.A. for a bikini photoshoot, the kind that gives you a hint as to how this girl gets into so much trouble playing in a sandbox of horny old men (of which I intend to be one someday). Nicole has a wicked body that I'd vote for in a heartbeat. Enjoy.