NFL Fantasy Football – Eight Roster Decisions You Shouldn’t Sweat Over

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michael-garcia - September 8, 2012

So here we go, the first full Sunday of NFL games is about to get underway, meaning you'll be sitting on your couch with your laptop and phone trying to keep up with all the latest eight yard catches and five yard runs your guys are making. And you'll be sweating up until the last minute over some kind of roster decision that could make or break your week. Well, let's try to wipe some of that sweat away.

One thing that I've always thought that people who play fantasy football might not do enough of is look at their players' opponents. Are they playing a weak defense? Is someone hurt? Will your quarterback's team try to run because the other team has a crappy run defense but their secondary is strong? Everyone probably already does this, but just go with it.

So here are four guys I think should play this week, and four guys who I think shouldn't. Don't take my word for it though, do your due diligence, check your matchups and don't blame anyone but yourself when you sit a guy who breaks the league rushing record because you didn't realize they were playing against Tampa Bay's terrible defense.

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