New Online Star Trek Movie Starring Chekov

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bill-swift - June 2, 2005

It looks as though the Star Trek franchise will continue to live on, even without the resources of Paramount behind it. SciFiWire reports that Walter Koenig will be reprising his role as Pavel Chekov in a fan film being written by original Trek series writer D.C. Fontana.

"This is a unique opportunity to give some dimension to my character," Koenig said in an interview at Enigma Con at the University of California, Los Angeles, over the weekend. "I was most unhappy ... that there wasn't a whole lot of dimension to the character. It was push buttons and say 'Warp factor five' with as many inflections as possible--and with an accent."

I always liked Chekov, and thought he brought a nice comedic touch, especially in the latter Trek films. (via TV Squad)