Need This: Ringtool is 10 Tools In One

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bill-swift - May 15, 2014

Yet another highly-portable and pocket-friendly multi-tool comes in the form of the aptly-named Ringtool. This particular one is aimed for cyclists who might need to fine tune their bikes while they're out riding on dirt roads. Staying true to its name, the tool itself is in the shape of a ring. It has various extrusions projecting from it, which effectively turns it into ten tools:

-Bottle-cap opener

-3mm Hexhead

-4mm Hexhead

-5mm Hexhead

-6mm Hexhead

-8mm Hexhead

-Flathead Driver

-Phillips Driver

-Torxhead T25 Driver

-Spoke wrench for 130" (3.30mm) nipples

-Spoke wrench for .136" (3.45mm) nipples

Open a bottle, tighten a screw, turn a key, fix something on your bike--the things you can do with this little ol' tool are numerous.

Get It: $32

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