NBA Baller Beats Pioneers the Basketball Dribbling Simulator in this Demo (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - September 5, 2012

NBA Baller Beats comes off like a rhythmic drumming game but instead of a drumpad and sticks you're using your floor and a regulation Spalding basketball. That's not a review; that' just what we noticed as the folks behind the scenes of the game took us through a demo.

There are plenty of licensed tracks from artists that you'll know and love/hate/loathe and the rhythm of those tracks will be guiding you through your dribbling and ball faking fundamentals. That's they key too: learning to dribble with both hands is an important skill for developing players but proper ball fakes, in rhythm and in the flow of your game, can be a dangerous weapon. Ball fakes aren't as potent as weapon in the NBA anymore because the guys are so athletic, but then again off-hand basketball skills are going extinct as well. How many times did Lebron James shoot right handed layups off the left side of the backboard in the Finals and Olympics? Too many for my old high school coach's taste I can tell you that.

In this demo for NBA Baller Beats you'll get to see for yourself how easy it can be for a left-hander to dribble with his right hand.

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