Natalie Portman And All The Hottest Arrivals For The “Vox Lux” Premiere In Italy

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aldo-vallon - September 5, 2018

Add another X or two to the title of Vox Lux and it could be misinterpreted for an adult film or a rapper. I do not know what Vox Lux means, I refused to take a foreign language as a protest to my school not providing an elective for Swahili, but something about it just sounds dirty. If my mother heard me say it out loud she would probably stick a bar of soap in my mouth, which I think would violate my civil rights but that is the kind of unjust world we live in. Way too much power has been given over to mothers and now they have become megalomaniacs.

Not even the most well protected cops could get away with sticking a bar of soap in a suspect’s mouth. How these ladies have gotten away with it for so long really boggles the mind. This is one instance where I prefer the participants do not get with the times and update their tools. Let them stick with the bar soap. I do not want the liquid stuff anywhere near my orifices.


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA / Splash News