Natalie Portman Skis Away from the Heat

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bill-swift - August 2, 2006

Natalie Portman is smart. While most of us are trying to avoid the heat by sitting right next to our air conditioners, and Lindsay Lohan is playing on the beach in her bikini, Natalie Portman is hitting the slopes in Patagonia, Argentina, down near Antarctica.

Now that's smart. Not only is she in the Southern Hemisphere (where it's Winter right now, in case you didn't know), but she's about as far south as possible, damn near playing with penguins in the south pole. I had a great time on my vacation, but Paris felt like the inside of a Frenchman's boot. The only escape from the heat was spending day after day in whatever museums we could find.

No, next time, I'll take a play from the Natalie Portman vacation book, and head to wear it's cool. Actually, I'll just go wherever Natalie Portman is. Yeah, that's the plan. Hell, even if it's hot, you can't beat spending your vacation stalking Natalie Portman.