Natalie Portman Rap Video – Saturday Night Live

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bill-swift - March 6, 2006

Natalie Portman was on Saturday Night Live last night, and I have to say (even though I'm completely biased), that was one of the best Saturday Night Live episodes in a long time. The best part, though, without a doubt, was Natalie Portman's Rap video (Gangsta style), in which she exclaims "I want to drink and fight, and fuck all night!" This will easily become an instant classic, and go down as one of the best SNL bits of all time.

So, do yourself a favour, and watch this video.


Plus, here are a few more clips from the show (including one that Natalie stalkers will get a kick out of).

Update: YouTube has been killing all the Natalie Portman videos, so good luck trying to get them elsewhere. The other clips are gone (for now), but Egotastic! has the rap vid going strong.

And of course, some pictures too (more after the jump).