Natalia Siwiec Lingerie Pictures for Polish Model Perfection

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bill-swift - August 17, 2013

I have a thing for Polish girls. Well, a thing for all super sextastic women, but Polish women will always be near and dear to my heart. One truly underappreciated nation when it comes to the production of grade-A world class hotties. But times they are a changing, the world is becoming a smaller place, and I would like very much to be in cramped quarters with the likes of Polish beauty Natalia Siwiec, here modeling lingerie for the Ewa Bien line.

Natalia reminds us all that all you need is one wicked good looking model, some very skimpy silky and lacy underthings, a few fake backdrops, a camera, and suddenly you're making magic. Not quite the pulling the rabbit out of the hat kind of magic. More the kind where Natalia's innocence suddenly disappears thanks to a wave of my magic wand. Eh, pretty good double entendre there, right?  My pun classes at the Learning Annex are finally paying off. Enjoy.