Nancy Shevell, the New Mrs. Paul McCartney, Flashes A Nice Tuchus in St. Barts

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bill-swift - March 16, 2012

This trucking company heiress has herself a pretty decent dumper. Really really. Oh, sure,the Nancy Shevell posterior is not among the finest in celebrity land, but for a 51-year old latest 'younger' wife for the about to be 70 Sir Paul McCartney, I'd say the ex-Beatle scored pretty well.

In their latest vacation trip to St. Barts, Macca (intentionally omitted from photos, as is our want) and his new bride took to the warm ocean waters to basically do what rich people do, hang out at the beach and have drinks with umbrellas brought to you every half hour for a lovely Caribbean buzz. Nancy may be past the time for full body bikini displays, but a tuchus like that, when I'm seventy I'll be more than blessed to be grabbing next to me in bed at night. I think you get my point. Enjoy.