My First Favorite Product In The Egotastic Store — Motion Activated Toilet Night Lights!

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bill-swift - October 12, 2016

Your first inclination when you hear "motion activated toilet night light" is to laugh, perhaps giggle, maybe even titter. Your second inclination is to think to yourself, damn, I could really use one of those.

We've all been there late night so let's not pretend. If you're so fortunate to be cohabitating with a special lady, then you know that blind shooting in the dark leads not only to a mess, but a lecture. You don't need that. You have important things to do. Like build things and drive cars fast. You're a man. Problem solved. Cool-ass nightlight in the toilet. No more flipping on the overheads and burning your retinal core in agonizing pain. 

Get your Egotastic Motion Detector Toilet Night Light now

You know I only pimp the shizz I love. I love toilet nightlights. I mean, I value them. Obviously I save my real affections for funbags. Enjoy.

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