MTV Movie Awards Mega Picture Post

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bill-swift - June 6, 2005

Award shows are meaningless and useless. They only serve to promote whatever movie happens to be coming out at the time, and the awards they give out have absolutely no bearing on real life, except if they were to be given to me, at which time everyone should pay close attention.

The MTV Movie Awards were held this past Saturday, and while we were ever so lucky enough to see Jessica Alba in a see-through dress, that's not all we got. Among the celebs in attendance were Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Biel, Nicole Kidman and many more. 13 of the hottest celebrities are featured in this mega-post, with 128 pictures in total!

I think I may have gone overboard on this one. Pictures after the jump.

Eva Mendes

Hilary and Haylie Duff

Jennifer Tilly

Jessica Biel

Jessica Simpson

Lacey Chabert

Lindsay Lohan

Maggie Grace

Mariah Carey

Nicole Kidman

Sandra Bullock

Ziyi Zhang