Most Bodylicious White Trash Celebrities

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earl-jonas - May 4, 2017

Whether rocking the trailer park lifestyle while growing up or simply coming out as trashtastic later in life, all of these stunning stars are white hot white trash. And we love ‘em for it. There's something about a girl who's a little rough around the edges that has us edging, and the ladies on this list definitely like it nice and rough. Whether it's celebrities straight from the holler like Britney Spears, or naughty New Jersey sex kittens like Tara Reid, these celebrities will all make you scream "Git 'er dun." 

Side note: For those of you questioning the inclusion of Emma Roberts on this list, don't be deceived by her Hollywood pedigree. She beat up her boyfriend Evan Peters to a bloody mess, and her general personal life makes Mama June look like Kate Middleton. Trust us. Okay, carry on. 


Photo Credit: Instagram, Splash News