More Hailee Steinfeld Bikini Paddle Boarding in Hawaii

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aldo-vallon - December 28, 2017

   I am going to go ahead and ask the question that I know all of us are already wondering. Why the hell does anybody paddle board? It seems like a whole lot of work for very little fun. Most people I see paddle boarding are on vacation and paying for it by the hour. That would be like me paying someone in Bel Air to allow me to run down their street. 

If I am on vacation you can bet your ass I won't be paying someone for the privilege to exercise in their country, I don't even do that in my own country. I will be paying some local to take me around to all the sights on a paddle boat. What will that cost in American dollars, like 30 cents? Even I should be able to afford that. 

You know, thirty years ago that paddle boat tour would have probably cost only ten cents. This inflation of ours is out of control. It is about time the people in our government did something to ensure our children will be able to exploit foreigners for decades to come. 



Photo Credit: Backgrid