Model Twins Elisha and Renee Herbert Shopping in Sydney

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aldo-vallon - January 22, 2019

I would not have pegged these two girls as twins if there wasn’t somebody else telling me so. Everything that movies have taught me about twins is that they wear the exact same clothing and speak in unison. Occasionally they are also physically joined together, but that is not a necessity.

In these photos, Elisha and Renee Herbert hit none of the above criteria. It is almost as if these twins are trying to maintain their own identities, or something. I don’t get it. I doubt if I had a twin I would be fighting to stay unique.

I have often looked at myself in the mirror and thought about how awesome it would be if there were more of me. I mean, I am awesome, so it would only get exponentially more awesome with more identical versions of me around. I would demand that all of my copies, regardless of how many that may be, wear the same clothes at all times under penalty of death. It’s not just for my own amusement, but for all of the people that find it creepy, as well. I don’t think Elisha and Renee have any idea how many people they are letting down by being “normal”.




Photo Credit: Backgrid