Model Joana Krupa Out With A Friend In A Sexy Little Black Dress

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elliot-wolf - April 5, 2018

Joana Krupa looks so great that she doesn’t wear little black dresses, little black dresses wear her. She’s the star in any outfit she throws on and I pay way more attention to her face and shape than what she happens to be wearing. She’s possibly the only woman that could throw on a potato sack for a top and still look more desirable than a freshly baked batch of cookies made by your grandma. Krupa is about as hot as they come. She can sure set off the ceiling sprinklers in any building she walks into because her level of hotness sits somewhere between molten lava and a sweltering sun baked desert.

Picking a pitch black dress to wear for the evening was probably the best thing Joana could have done if she was going for a camouflage look. She blends in with the blackness of night. She could easily sneak up on unsuspecting individuals like a very sexy apparition. If I had to suffer through being haunted I would want to be haunted by a ghost that looked like Krupa. I wouldn’t even be afraid. Thankfully Joana is alive, well, and looks amazing in what she’s wearing.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA