Mission Impossible 3 Teaser Trailer

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bill-swift - December 13, 2005

I know this trailer for Mission Impossible 3 came out yesterday (Gasp! More than a few hours late! Blasphemy!), but since I wasn't all that impressed with the thing, I didn't feel too much of a rush to get a post up about it.

You can watch the trailer over at Yahoo! Movies, or you can read why I think it's not so great, after the jump.

Besides all the explosions, and stunts an all that, most of which we've all seen a million times, this trailer offers little to build up excitement for the new Mission Impossible 3 film. Tom Cruise has lost any shred of credibility as an action star in recent years, and, let's face it, Ethan Hunt is no James Bond (even the theme song is getting tiring). But here are some of the main issues I had:

First of all, it's this guy (Mr. Annoying)...

...Versus this guy (Mr. Creepy).

Then Tom Cruise dresses up like a priest, bringing to mind a whole lot of bad images.

Keri Russell is only in the damn thing for a slipt second,

And Lawrence Fishburne is starting to look a little old.

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