Milo Yiannopoulos Ousted

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jhanson - February 22, 2017

Milo Yiannopoulos was booted as the editor of Breitbart for a multitude of reasons such as his schtick is super obnoxious even in British. Also, when you try and piss everyone off, some of them get pissed off and turn on you. The official explanation was that he did a radio interview condoning grown men fucking 13 year old boys, which he said was totally cool because he fucked grown men when he was around that age. That's more of a confession than an explanation. 

Breitbart peddles thinly veiled xenophobia to people well versed in The Bachelor and the Hardee's breakfast menu. Yiannopoulos was largely granted a pass for his exaggerated right wing beliefs because he was open about sucking tons of cock. This confounded the left because they think the sun shines out of all gay people's assholes. 

Blatant baiters like Yiannopoulos serve some sort of niche purpose in current American society. Because we have become an infantilized culture incapable of basic reason, so seamlessly divided into two opposing groups squabbling amongst each other as corporations rape us, we needed a stupid extremist asshole on the right as a contrarian to all the stupid extremist assholes on the left. Either you protest Milo at your elitist college, or you invite Milo to speak at your elitist college just to piss people off. Either way, you're an asshole and the wealth gap just tripled.

It would be great if he gracefully faded away into a 30-something retirement home but this doesn't seem likely. For every hundred trigger warnings we need someone to do the triggering. A boots on the ground war could have given us a nice cleansing. At least you could nurse your stump at the pool and overhear something halfway reasonable. Good luck with the 13 year olds, I hear the Saudis are hiring. 

EDITED TO ADD: Milo held a press conference explaining he was sexually abused as a child by two men, including a priest, and that he doesn't see himself as a victim. Another way of saying that is that he sees himself as a victim. It's unclear if he is lying about the priest thing. Or who initiated the contact.

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