Miley Cyrus was not cutting herself on Instagram

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editor - June 9, 2012

The internet did what it did best yesterday (jump to conclusions and freak the fuck out) after a friend of Miley Cyrus put the picture seen above on Instagram. After people stopped looking at her braless tits, they were outraged, saying that not only was Miley cutting herself, but she was making light of it.

In reality, according to the friend who took the picture...

"It's just a freaking bracelet picture. It's a handcuff bracelet and she's just showing it off, that's all. Like really, she's not cutting herself."

Which is pretty apparent if you actually look at the picture. But hey, at least we got to see a teenagers tits without having to close a half dozen LiveJasmin ads when we were done.

(image source of miley arriving in new orleans yesterday = fame/flynet)

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