Miley Cyrus Black Bikini Top with a Side of RBF

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brian-mcgee - July 27, 2017

Were I a celebrity, I would hate having the paparazzi follow me wherever I go, which is likely why Miley Cyrus has a major case of RBF in these pictures. Miley just wanted to stroll down the streets of Malibu in her black bikini top and workout pants without having to deal with the prying eyes of the world, so it's totally understandable why she'd be sporting this look. 

It is tough, though, when one courts attention almost constantly and then seems to resent it. Such is the dichotomy of celebrity, you want the cameras around, except when you don't. Admittedly I wouldn't want anyone telling me to smile, especially some sleazy cameraman, so I can't blame Miley for her raging case of RBF. I guess it's better than her constantly wagging her tongue at the cameras, though, so that's at least a step in the right direction.

The overriding thing I take away from these pictures, however, is that Miley looks amazing in a bikini top. Seriously, this should be her look 24/7, because she really knows how to rock it. Whatever else you may take away from these pictures, I imagine you feel the same. 

Photo Credit: Backgrid