Michelle Lewin Booty Extraordinaire Peeks in Daisy Dukes

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bill-swift - April 7, 2016

This is how I imagine most days go for athletic trainer and all around bikini model stacked hottie Michelle Lewin. Try on ten to forty different little beach outfits to see which is going to make your faptastic asstastic look the most incredibly alluring. Then begin a low slow promenade along the Miami Beach walk. Pick up eyeballs of oglers as you move along, bend over, twist, stretch, plant yourself next to a tree and take yourself some selfies in perfect light. Out of the corner of your eye, see hordes of men suffering with their feelings toward your body. Sound about right?

Michelle Lewin chose Daisy Dukes and some kind of little beach top to contain her mammoth mammaries to preen this particular day. You can only imagine the burden of being incredibly good looking and having a body that every man in the world wants to take to dinner. I mean, you have to be polite. I don't care what you do, Michelle, just please keep doing it in those tiny shorts. My heart just suffered a booty arrest. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash