Michelle Jenneke Taunting How Shitty the Olympics Have Been So Far

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Lex Jurgen - August 11, 2016

That good looking Australian hurdler who became famous in 2012 because of her body wiggling videos has been sending out revealing photos of herself training in advance of her arrival in Rio. A not so hidden messages that chick swimmers have giant fucking teeth and scoliosis and even the beach volleyball women look super haggard on close-up. The real Olympics begins when the female track stars show up with their tight shorts and twenty-something co-ed normative bodies.

It's possible to be a good looking track and field female athlete. It's lean muscle and aerobics based. The superficial looks curve descends rapidly when brute strength and contact become key aspects to success in the sport. Or being 4'9" and seventy-seven pounds. That's not a spinner, that's a Ukrainian midget and she's not legal in Brazil before 10pm. Tell her three times emphatically that your name is Bert Myles. Now run.

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