Michelle Hunziker Bikini Hot Mom In Italian Action

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bill-swift - June 6, 2016

My future adopted mother and Swiss Miss hottie Michelle Hunziker went and made another family while my adoption papers are stalled in the Hague. I don't blame her for finding a new wealthy baby daddy and husband and making her second family whilst waiting for the process to work it's way through the courts and place me firmly in the upstairs bedroom to be comforted by my new mom late in the evenings when my tummy or other body parts are sore. She's turning forty not long from now and she can't forever be making me more future siblings.

Michelle was showing off her multiply MILFtastic body in a bikini in some resort town in Italy where she spends many of her days now as a former German TV show hostess and current hottie wife again. While she may not look exactly the same as at twenty when she began to bear the offspring for wealthy gentleman of The Boot, there's no denying this bikini'd mom is going to be the neck cranking winner at any beachfront she visits. Oh, that maternal form is driving me nuts. Can we expedite the adoption in any way, Michelle? Is there an uberfuhrer I can pay off or some such? My bags are already packed. I feel like Annie. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash