Metta World Peace Acts Like Ron Artest (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - April 24, 2012

They say you can take the malice out of the palace, but apparently you can't take the Ron Artest out of Metta World Peace.

Metta World Peace was looking to spread something other than peace and love when he was celebrating a dunk late in the second half of a close game with the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday. In the midst of his exuberance he landed a shot to the head of the Thunder's James Harden that rocked his world to say the least.

Had he stopped there and did nothing else he might have been able to escape an ejection, but when he decided to square off with Serge Ibaka it was clear that Metta needed to find some peace elsewhere. 

(For those that are feeling a little nostalgic for some vintage Ron Artest...)

Article by Travis Pulver