Melissa Rummells Bikini Pimping That Hard Water in Malibu

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bill-swift - October 10, 2014

I'll say this for this non-existent mysterious bottled water company, they surely have introduced a solid dose of bikini hotness to the shores of Malibu, including today's entry, Melissa Rummells, who is posing, preening, and purposefully teasing you with her sweet bikini body for the purposes of getting you all hot and bothered and in need of expensive bottled water. Fair enough.

I officially give Melissa the Bill Swift stamp of approval, which unlike traditional stamps I actually lick after applying to the intended destination. Melissa, if you see a creepy looking man in a postal uniform who doesn't quite fit those quaint shorts, please, don't run. I just want to say hello and invite you to spend the rest of your life modeling bikinis and lingerie for me in my kingdom slash walk-up studio apartment. I'd even buy your overpriced water keep everything kosher. Let's discuss. Enjoy.