Melissa Castagnoli Pink Bikini Booty Cheek Hotness In Miami

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bill-swift - August 1, 2015

Italian beauty Melissa Castagnoli was sporting a tiny pink bikini on the beach in Miami. Melissa has a truly lovely pair of breasteses that look good enough to eat in the small bikini top she was sporting. There was cleavage galore and just a hint of sideboob. But the real story is what was going on south of the border. First of all, her booty is a work of friggin' art. I bet when she presses her butt to the sand it leaves a perfect heart shape. Secondly, her booty is highly, and I mean highly, smackable. But you shouldn't do that because that's how fools end up in jail. So, just imagine smacking it for now.

I remember when I was in Italy I noticed that women like Melissa seem to grow on trees. Maybe it's all the olive oil they eat. What I do know is that it works. 

Photo Credit: Splash