Meet The Stunningly Gorgeous Instagram Model They’re Calling “The Booty Doctor”

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elliot-wolf - August 9, 2018

My mother drilled it into our heads that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Medical bills for multiple kids can certainly add up. So growing up I kept myself as healthy as possible. Coke floats for me meant diet soda and fat-free ice cream. And I’d take the buns off my cheeseburgers every once and awhile to avoid a couple of carbs. I’m not the healthiest son of a gun around town but I sure ain’t falling apart either. Although my heart is another story. I think it’s broken after not having such a beautiful lady by the name of Cookie next to me. I’m in need of a doctor. And Cookie is not the conventional kind. She’s a specialist. Clearly an expert in all of the areas that count.

Just because this is the first time in my life I’ve ever heard of a booty doctor doesn’t mean that I’m not in need of a check up. It wouldn’t even matter if she accepted my insurance or not because either way I’m too eager to pay her a visit. She looks very busy at the beach right now but I hope she’ll be back soon.

Photo Credit: Instagram / MEGA