Mariah Carey Bikini Pictures

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bill-swift - January 12, 2006

Okay, first things first. I'm not posting these Mariah Carey bikini pictures because I think she's attractive. Quite the opposite in fact. Actually, I'm posting these pictures of Mariah and her little green bikini because I'm confused. I though Mariah was getting fat. And I mean really fat. That's what everyone was saying, and that's how it really looked. Of course, I don't do picture posts of the big girls, since that isn't really my thing. So I don't have a post to really compare these bikini pictures to, but whatever. The point is, what's up with Mariah? Is she fat, or not?

I think she's just sucking in her gut, 'cause she saw the paparazzi coming.

Regardless of my, or your feelings toward her, there are many more Mariah Carey bikini pictures after the jump.