Man Wants Butt

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brian-mcgee - December 19, 2018

So you guys wanna know the lowdown on this one? Apparently singer Jack Gilinsky, the ex-boyfriend of Madison Beer, was out and about showing plenty of PDA with an unnamed woman in a very tiny black bikini on the beach in Miami. Now, one gander at the spectacular ass on this mystery woman will clue you in as to why this gentleman seems so desperate to get his hands on dat ass!

There are fewer things in this world that get a man out of his element quite like a great ass. I mean, just look at what the thought of a great ass did to Al Pacino...


I think we all know the feeling when he says, "When I think about a woman's ass, something comes out of me." That something is your cocaine rage, Al.

So the next time you see some moron desperately flailing about on the beach near a woman with a great ass, remember that he may be experiencing this same series of emotions. You'll know because it won't be long before you're joining in and the two of you look like a pair of howling cartoon wolves. Something about a woman's ass, indeed. You said it, Al.

Photo Credit: MEGA