Maitland Ward Hand Bra For MEL Magazine

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michael-garcia - October 6, 2016

Redheaded sex goddess Maitland Ward wore a handbra and little else in this hot photoshoot for MEL Magazine. The former child star turned model had her assets on full display in a variety of revealing outfits. There was much cleavage to be had. My favorite, besides the handbra ones, are the one of her in a tight Superman shirt and she reveals some underboob. I love that she's really willing to commit to showing off all angles of her ta-tas. That's the thing I respect most about Maitland is her consummate professionalism. She knows that the world wants to see her jugs and she delivers on that and does so a lot. We get pics of Maitland coming across our desk here at Egotastic several times a week. Even when she isn't doing it for money, she's letting us all see her funbags in her spare time too. 

A lot of people were into Topanga on Boy Meets World, but I was always into Maitland even way back in the day. She was clearly who that d-bag Cory should have gone for. 


Photo Credit: MEL Magazine

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